Monday, November 8, 2021

Getting Ahead Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning to you all!  Nothing like a saucy new week to get the blood pumping.  I wish I could say we had an exciting weekend but it was pretty low key.  On Friday we went to our new eye doctor.  It started out on the wrong foot but we were able to get in and tested and both passed with flying colors.  We've gone to the same guy for 25+ years but it was time to change and one of the tests he did (peripheral) that was always covered, we had to pay extra for.  It's not one they apparently run every year but we were both surprised we had to pay above and beyond for it.  Does your eye doc include the peripheral test?

Then we went to the grocery to grab a turkey and the next day it was thawed enough to cook so I did that:

Obviously, I FoodSaved that bad boy so we'd have the big part ready to roll for Thanksgiving.  I'll be making mashed potatoes soon so I can do the same with that.  My taters always turn out perfectly when thawed and it's so nice to just have to warm everything up and only stick to making the noodles from scratch.  I even bought our brown and serve rolls early and froze them because I wasn't counting on being able to find them closer to the day.  We had a hard time finding them last year so I just need to get the stuff for my cheeseball and we'll be ready to roll for the holiday.  Last year it was nice to walk the park after we ate to get the digestion rolling though I have to remember that I ended up needing Pepto and not to go nuts.  

I don't know what I did but Saturday morning my thumb hurt a little and as the day progressed, it got worse and worse to the point I couldn't type or even lift my phone.  I had an ice pack on it and took an ibuprofen but I obviously strained it somehow given how quick and acute the symptoms are.  I think I remember grabbing my 2 liter water bottle with it which probably overstretched it but I don't think it was that day.  I also responded on the phone to an email that would've been more easily written on a laptop due to length so between the two, it was not a pleasant weekend on the "what's my new pain this week?" front.

We got Showtime so we would be ready for Dexter's premiere last night.  I've been hiding all articles having to do with it for weeks because I didn't want to go in with any preconceived notions.  We picked up Couples Therapy that we watched earlier in the year after getting hooked on The Affair in Vermont.  Man, you look at the way some people speak to other people they supposedly love and it's atrocious.  Several outbursts made us gasp and made us so thankful we could never say some of the hateful things spewing out of this one woman's mouth.  Yeesh.

We're looking forward to this season of Dexter since we were literally 2-3 days behind them as they filmed in MA on our 25th anniversary trip the whole time.  I really hope they don't louse it up though nothing could louse it up more than the original ending.


What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. That turkey is gonna be so good! I am also just relieved that we have turkey locked in given the possibilities of so many things being unavailable.

  2. For the first time in 30 years I made reservations for Thanksgiving. It's just going to be the 2 of us and my in-laws, and after her stroke my MIL can't really cook much so it would all be on me. We're going out to a nice but "home cooking" type place which I know they will enjoy. It feels weird!

  3. Busy weekend with a lot of ticky tack stuff that needed to be done, but done it got. lol We had really lovely weather so it was nice to be out in the sunshine and a bit of warmth. We managed to get pics of the dogs for Christmas so I was happy to get that taken care of. Other than that, it was working for both of us.


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