Friday, November 5, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #45

Friday...where have you been all my life?  We've been enjoying walks in the park this week because we can see the leaves are about to give up the fight.  It's been interesting to watch the Mr enjoy true Fall for the 2nd year in a row with his EnChroma sunglasses for his colorblindness.  Colors that I think look well past their prime, he marvels at so it's gotten me to look at the ones I would've not appreciated as much with new eyes.  

Here's a rundown of our food and workouts for the week.

Sunday- Last of the Beyond Backyard burgers (found out too late those apparently have more calories than regular Beyond burgers) and potato wedges.  Workout- walk at Grandma's cemetery for 3 miles.

Monday-  Walk at the park on the trail and asphalt loop.  Dinner was lentil spaghetti with low sodium marinara and meatless meatballs and salad.

Tuesday-  Workout was 2+ miles on the dog trail (because dogs beat humans every time) and dinner was switched to grilled cheese and tomato/chicken noodle soup and hot tea since we were chilled to the bone.

Wednesday- Workout was walk at Grandma's.  Dinner was General Tso's shrimp with caulirice and broccoli slaw.

Thursday-  Workout was walk in park.  Dinner was pork chop with apple almond stuffing and Brussels.

This Is How a Walking Coach Structures a 3-Mile Walk for Optimal Health Benefits (Great tips we'll incorporate for sure!  We've been doing trails lately which is new but definitely doing these for cemetery walks.)

Healthy Recipes from TOPS (When I was on a diet board back in the 90's, I always remember some of the ladies saying they did TOPS meetings.  Does anyone remember those?  I decided to look them up and they're still around! (Lasted longer than SP - sigh) I saw they had a recipe page and thought I'd share it for anyone whose interested.)

12 Ways To Sneak In Mental Health Breaks Throughout Your Day (Some pretty good stuff.  I especially like the red light suggestion...just don't forget to go when it turns green or I will honk at you.)

A Toxin Expert's Top Tips For Keeping Your Home Healthy This Winter  (I have to say, when the pandemic began we switched to these filters and holy crap, as someone with allergies, 95% of my sneeze attacks and itchy eyes are GONE.  A little pricey but worth it to save in tissues and not risk a sneeze pee.)

Praise: Why We Crave It So Much at Work and In Our Personal Lives, and How to Live Without It  (Sometimes we all need an 'atta boy/girl.'  Positive reinforcement is key for you to want to do anything well.)

Why All the Adult Temper Tantrums? (Everyone should read this.)

Your Health Checkup: Managing Your Anger  (Can you tell this is a problem for me/us?)

How to Quiet Creaky Floors in an Older House  (Mr- we need to get that spot by the dining room especially since we have access to the joists below and leftover adhesive!)

I'm sure a drive somewhere is likely in order since it'll probably be the last weekend with any color.  (womp womp)  Other than that, some football is in there for the Mr while the whites of my eyes liquefy.  Actually, I'll probably do some more exercises from this book we're both going through together because it's time to unleash some demons.  Don't forget about the time change this weekend! 


(Comment if you sang it like the rock star you are!)

Whatchu into this weekend?

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  1. This is the first time in a long time that we've been able to enjoy the fall colors for this long. We usually get a big windstorm that takes it all away by now. I suppose its also because we are out walking in it more than we ever have which is great. I am glad I have my color blind glasses now so I can see the colors even more vividly.

  2. Another great reading list. Thanks

  3. Summer of 2020 my college daughter and her roommate spent the summer in their apartment studying/online classes and doing jigsaw puzzles. Roommate is color blind, looks at shape of pieces/patterns, not color.

  4. We're attempting to do Christmas pictures of the dogs tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. 50/50 chance we'll end up with a tail and an ear and that's it. LOL Other than that, it's house chores and working. The "fall back" occurs on my shift so I'll be at work an additional hour. Pfft. =o)


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