Friday, October 22, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #43

Welcome Friday, we're ready for the weekend.  (Basically, just ready for it not to be a work week.  The Mr has had a lot of work crap going on.)  Yesterday was a glorious rainy day with 60 degrees and I was in my element.  Too bad 3 out of 4 days of the week can't be that way.  Love the smell of wet leaves in the Fall.  Sigh.  

Here's a look at our eats for the week.

Monday we had a Beyond Burger and baked fries.

Workout was a two miler and small upper body strength session.

Tuesday was Grilled General Tso's chicken.

Workout was a 3 miler.

Wednesday was Ian's fish sticks and veggies.

(Forgot to take a pic.  We had salad instead of fries)

Workout was two mile walk in the park.

Thursday was orange roughy, sweet potato gnocchi and veggies.

Workout was strength training.

Now let's muscle into...

‘I’m a Urologist, and This Is Why You Need To Stop Power Peeing’  (I don't do it much but man sometimes you just gotta push a 'lazy pee' along!)

How to Fight Diet Culture at Your Family Dinner Table (It truly is amazing how young kids equate the fat kid as less than or not someone they want to hang out with.  They're watching you mom/dad, grandma/grandpa!)

How to Cope When Waiting for Important News (This came in the nick of time)

A book I'm actually reading at the moment (Very good read for those with chronic pain)

Did food taste better 50 years ago?  (Pretty sure it did.  I can't count how many times we've wanted a culinary time machine back to childhood from a grilled cheese with the plastic wrapped cheese to the homemade pizza in a box and they tasted horrible.  Just once we'd like our super unhealthy, 'do you know what they put in those things!?' taste of childhood!)

Pimp My Ride Actually Kind Of Sucked Behind The Scenes  (Courtesy of the Mr.  Unreal some of the conditions these people had to live with while waiting for their ride.)

Not sure what's going on this weekend.  We had a whole house water filtration system installed Wednesday so we have some stuff to get back in order from that.  I have to say, we're really impressed so far.  We bought this model at Home Depot and a carbon filter which is much better than the one they recommend.  This is how you know you're an get jacked up about water filtration.

Whatchu got planned this weekend, you sassy fockers?

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  1. No plans yet but I do want to do something different. Not sure what different is yet though. Should involve leaf peeping if possible because I think we're nearing the end of the spectacular colors. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. I read that same article about foods tasting different years ago I also read another one that had 10-15 foods from the 80s that have changed, one of which is McDonald's fries (they used to be made with beef tallow when they were are the height of yumminess, but had to stop using due to vegetarian protests).
    Had an appt this morning that is done, now it's grocery shopping if I can pull the hubs away from the window watching the deck guys. Then I must do laundry that I've neglected all week. I ordered a light fixture from Etsy so need to start clearing out space below to put it up above. LOL Then the rest of the weekend is hiss.
    Have a super leaf-colored weekend!


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