Friday, October 1, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #40

It's the first day of October!  WOOT!  


I hope mother nature throws us a few good days of color change before the inevitable windstorm blows the leaves off just as they get to peak.  (Happens EVERY year!)  Perhaps the Mr and I will venture out to an apple orchard on a weeknight soon and make that our workout and come home with some fiber to boot!  Of course, they force you to buy a small bag and I have no clue where we'd keep them.  I don't know how our fridge is a smidge bigger than our last one but we can't seem to fit as much in there due to the configuration.  Unfortunately, there aren't many moveable shelves in there either.  Sorry...thinking out loud.  

I didn't take pics this week but here's a recap.

Sunday was cauliflower taco salad and workout was a 3 miler around Grandma's cemetery in a nice breeze.

Monday was 95% lean hamburger with lettuce and onion and potato wedges.  Workout was The Prep Push.

Tuesday was turkey tacos with brussels and workout was 3 miler around Grandma's cemetery without the nice breeze.

Wednesday was lentil pasta alfredo with pesto covered chicken and a salad and workout was MBFA Total Body.

Thursday was baked cod, sweet potato gnocchi and roasted broccoli with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast and a walk around the park.

Time to move into...

Being healthy is hard. These 7 tricks will make it easier  (These tips are GOLDEN!  Should definitely implement them if you can!)

7 Incredible Benefits of Lifting Weights That Have Nothing to Do With Building Muscle  (Just more reasons to start pumping iron (or your own bodyweight) to get all the benefits!)

Have Chronically Tight Hips? Strengthen *This* Muscle To Get Rid of Pain  (Yep!  Straight from my chiro and physical therapist!  When you're ready to move up from body weight to a little resistance, these helped me tremendously in PT.)

Can physical or cognitive activity prevent dementia?  (Get on it.  Even if you have a first degree relative that have/had it, it doesn't mean you have to!)

One Major Side Effect of Making Your Tea With Tap Water  (Not gonna lie, I would've called BS on this but 2 weeks before I even read this, I started filling my electric kettle with filtered water instead of tap for some reason.  My tea actually tasted much more rich and flavorful.  It just tastes flat if I use it from the tap now so I'm a convert!)

Science Says Listening to 30 Seconds of Mozart Can Calm Your Brain  (I agree!  This is my favorite with a good mix of stuff.)

Why Do Companies Hate Their Customers?  (I wonder the same thing almost every day)

Memes: People always forget about Gen X, and that’s just how they like it…  (I always wondered why they think my generation doesn't care but if I think about it, I do say "I don't give a sh*t" quite a lot so proving the stereotype right, I guess!)

Tired Boy And His Cow Lose Out At Dairy Fair, Fall Asleep And Win The Internet (Tell me you guys saw this.  Seriously the sweetest thing!)

Nothing on the agenda I can think of.  After two years on a waitlist, we finally got a slot for some stupid speakeasy pizza place I forgot signing up for where you go to a secret address, give a clubhouse knock, jump up and down on one foot while playing finger cymbals.  Sadly, I'm only half kidding.  Stupid ass hipsters.  It'd better be good for what we're paying for the 'honor'.  The irritation factor of what you have to go through to get it already leaves a bad taste in my mouth so I'll have to swish with some water before the first bite.  

You got anything fallish, hipsterish or otherwise on tap?

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  1. I can't wait to see how this super secret pizza thing goes. It better be good! Have a great weekend peeps!

  2. Really like your blog. Especially this ‘what I read’ segment. Thanks!

  3. Yesterday was a trip to see my uncle and we met with the deck people in the afternoon and paid our deposit. Once the city gets the permit (cough) then we'll be scheduled. Today is a doctor appt then grocery shopping and lots of laundry. We did quite a bit of cleaning yesterday morning before 9am so today won't be too much. College football tomorrow and then work the rest of the weekend for both of us. Have a great one!


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