Friday, August 27, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #35

Hello Friday, you sexy beast.  We made our first Trader Joe's run Tuesday night in 5 MONTHS.  I was tired of overpaying the grocery store for our 72% nightly chocolate so we had no choice.  We waited until 30 minutes before closing.  We stocked up on the chocolate, 4 gnocchi's, their peanut butter (which is the best natural PB out there and we've tried many over the past 2 months since we ran out) and enchilada sauce as far as stock ups.  We were super bummed to see ZERO pumpkiny stuff given I've seen several articles saying how that stuff is out now.  Apparently not at ours.  So we'll have to see what's worth going back for.  Suffice it to say, we do not miss going there which is something I never thought I'd say.  

Let's get a few dinners in this week.

Monday was Shrimp General Tso's with pineapple.

It was Turkey Taco Tuesday.

Workout was Grow With Jo's 3 Mile Lower Belly workout.  I have to say while I'm not super into the music, I really love her energy and it's way more exciting walking workouts than Leslie.  (Sorry Les)  Plus perfect on the go since she's on YouTube.

Wednesday we had Orange Roughy and TJ's Sweet Potato Gnocchi for the first time in forever.

Wednesday was a killer YT strength workout that left me unable to lift my water bottle the next day.

Thursday was Brussels Flatbread Pizza.

Now let's kick into...

11 Surprising Foods You Can Grill That Aren’t Meat  (Grilled peaches are AMAZING and I don't even like peaches much.  Put a tbsp of mascarpone cheese with vanilla stirred in on top and instant dessert.)

How to Escape the Cycle of Negative Thinking (Great suggestions but also a hard cycle to break.)

Why You Should Stop Calling Things You Enjoy ‘Guilty Pleasures’ (I stopped using that term a few years ago.  I LOVE the movie Stayin' Alive which is considered horrible by most.  For me, that movie got me through forced visitation as a kid when I was bored at my dad's.  It's all pleasure, zero guilt.)

Jennifer Connelly Interview About Labyrinth  (Great interview with her back in the day.  Labyrinth was another sanity saver for visitation weekends and my step-brother and I loved watching it. There was a traveling Muppets exhibit we road tripped to and it included the costumes from the ballroom scene in the movie and I stood there with tears in my eyes for like 15 minutes.  Such a magical movie.  The exhibit is here for another week if you want to mask up and road trip.  If you can't road trip, here's a tour through the exhibit.  Fun fact, when I saw Grover in person...bawled like a huge nerd.)

You know, I always get a weird cringy flashback on this date because it was typically the date I started school back in the day.  Some people used to start after Labor Day which amazed me because it meant I would've had my birthday off (more than likely).  But then again, I was so anxious, I guess it was better I got it over with so I could not be stressing about it over my birthday.  But yeah, this date is always emblazoned in my brain.  No plans this weekend but I am so glad it's the last weekend of August.  I know it doesn't magically turn to Fall with a flip of the calendar anymore but it's one step closer and right now that's going to have to be good enough!

When did you usually start school as a kid?  Is it the same as when your kids/grandkids start now?  Any plans for the weekend?

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  1. We always started around the 27th or 28th of August every year and I dreaded the month of August because of it. Even now the hubs and I have great empathy when we start seeing the school supplies come out. It wasn't the classes that stressed me out, it was the whole social aspect and the bullying. It didn't matter if it was elementary, middle, or high school -- pure anxiety.

    No big plans. Gel injection in my knee in about an hour, then grocery shopping and laundry. Have some work stuff to do on the computer and that's about it. Then it's working the rest of the weekend starting tomorrow night so pretty much the same as every weekend. LOL Two of my friends have Covid as well as their sister (who's in the hospital along my friend's husband) so it's not a good situation. Our state just went back to mandatory indoor masks regardless of vaccination status starting Monday.
    Have a fantastic weekend!!

    1. I missed my first day of high school from extreme anxiety. I wish I hadn't because everyone else had a leg up on where to go and it just made me feel worse mentally.

      Hoping your knee feels good as you adjust and praying for your friends ❤️

  2. In elementary school I was on a year round schedule - 4 months on, 2 off. So I was always off March and April and then September and October (was always back in school for Halloween though). In high school we were out in early May but then back to school about the 2nd week of August. When I first started as a teacher we started school the day after Labor Day but over the years it has creeped up and now kids are in school a full 2 weeks before Labor Day, and staff 3.

    1. Oh wow, I didn't know the year round schedule was a thing until the mid 90s! (My brother almost had to do it and I was just thankful I'd graduated by then). How's the school year treating you so far?

  3. First, I am real person. Second, I don't know you or these people. BUT I found this blog and thought of you -

    1. Thanks so much, Summer! Following their adventures now thanks to you!

  4. Meant to comment earlier but work got right to it this morning. Anyway I am looking forward to a certain persons' birthday coming up soon and I got all my presents wrapped for it and everything. Gonna pick up a cake early tomorrow and all that jazz. Have a great weekend everybody!


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