Monday, August 16, 2021

Just Needed a Little Rub and Buff

No, that's not sexual slang but you can bet it's going to be from now on.  (As you can see, it's statements like that which are the reason I make no money here.)  I asked for some candlesticks for Christmas from one of those 'buy it while we have it' places and I didn't realize they were dark brown but I knew I could fix that come spring with some spray paint.  Well, a bit of further inspection showed not only were they a different color but they were also chipped in several places which ticked me off because I've had that trouble with that company before.  I took pics and sent them an email Christmas day and heard back a day later that they would refund us 40-50% since they didn't have any left to replace them.  

Fast forward to a few months later when I saw a restoration chick I check out on IG using this European Gold Rub and Buff and I immediately thought of the unused candlesticks that I put on the mantel the week prior!  

While I liked the way they looked shape wise...

...but the chips and nicks just ticked me off every time I looked at them.

European Gold is the color my girl on IG used which gives a more brushed, old world look.  I asked her if she had any tips on using it and she said she used her finger to apply a light coat but that some prefer an art brush.  Let it dry for an hour or two then apply more thin coats if needed and buff it with a rag after.

I couldn't wait to get started and cover up the half assed job this place did with the coating.

After a little bit of thin application on my finger, it looked like this.

Already an improvement but I knew I'd need to switch to a brush if it was going to get into the crevices so I switched.  I couldn't really take pics of that part but I'm confident you all know how to paint an object.  I only needed one coat and just did touch ups if I saw any brush marks but it goes on well with just a little bit.  In 20 minutes, I basically had new candlesticks, again.

We both like the lighter effect it brings and I'm thrilled not to have to see any more chips, nicks and missed spots with paint.

It was easy to use, albeit a little messy if you're going the finger application route.  I suggest just getting some art brushes and using those because it'll save your sanity.  Just put down some newspaper or paper bags from the grocery store.  Use it sparingly.  My bottle still looks full after doing 4 candlesticks so a little dab at a time will do ya and gives a smoother finish.

If brushed gold isn't your thing, they have other colors like Gold Leaf, Antique Gold, Grecian Gold, Ebony, Silver Leaf, Spanish Copper, Autumn Gold, and Pewter.  If you're a crafter or just like to change up your accessory colors from time to time, they have a multi-pack with all of the colors.  I've seen people use them on picture frames, hinges, mirrors, drawer pulls, etc.  It's a great way to upgrade a thrifted or vintage find if you're trying to save some money!

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  1. This is a great idea! The candlesticks looks really good. I like the different color options offered. Something to keep in mind because I know I have candle holders that have chips in them that this stuff could give a whole new fresh look to. Thanks for the great tip!


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