Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Hump Day Poll: Collections

What have you collected in the past in phases?  (Meaning you no longer collect it)

I used to be into cherubs for some reason, including during our wedding so our cake topper are two white porcelain cherubs.  I don't regret it but kind of wish I had something that wasn't so dated.   I also collected Wizard of Oz stuff and man, I had plates my mom bought, Hallmark ornaments, posters, etc.  When we moved in here, the guest room was Oz central!

The trouble with collecting is letting other people know that you don't collect that stuff anymore so you 
don't keep getting it for birthdays and Christmas!

Your turn!

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  1. GI Joe figures was a big one that I really got into as a kid but pretty much completely gave up at some point and never really looked back. I also collected Star Wars figures but I still have some of those vintage ones so can't say I ever stopped with those.

  2. I was fascinated with eagles in high school and into college, and collected statures, pictures, etc. I still like them, but somewhere along the way realized I had enough. I still have quite a few hanging out here, but I don't add to my collection.

  3. In high school I used to collect cows and cow printed stuff. I think I got rid of it all during a cross-country move. The only thing I collect now are handmade boxes and/or Christmas ornaments from countries where I have travelled.

  4. I collected some Dalmatian stuff when I was younger, but the bigger collecting started when we moved into this house. My husband discovered Yahoo Auctions at the time and I started finding Longaberger stuff that both of us liked. Well, then I learned about Ebay and between the two sites, all bets were off. I know have a basement FILLED with baskets, pottery, linens, etc of Longaberger. Last fall I was dropping something off in a friend's trunk and I ended up giving her all the boxes of Longaberger holiday dishes. She loves the stuff but would never accept anything as a gift. Well, she had no choice now because I told her I wasn't bringing all that back into my home! LOL Another thing I collected were the Fitz and Floyd Mice figuirines. I just love those little guys and had boxes upon boxes. I think I only have a handful now though as I sold most of them on Ebay.

  5. Count me in on the Dalmatians and Longaberger collections. When we moved back to PA from FL we divested of all of it - and I just breathe easier knowing it's not all stashed in the basement.


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