Friday, August 13, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #33

Hey there y'all!  Did you have a bitchin' week?  Whether you interpret that as awesome or complaining a lot is up to you.  😜  We spent most of it blowing through Mr. Mercedes on Peacock.  The Mr read the book ( when it came out and since we didn't want to blow through our Chateau DIY show just yet, we committed to that one.  

Now let's commit to...

This doctor says delta variant has different symptoms than you think  (This is why the Mr had a Covid test last week (not the rapid test but still 1 day turnaround) with his inner ear stuff which has hung on longer than we'd have liked.  But PLEASE if you get a "cold" get a free Covid test at a CVS or wherever so if you DO have it, your numbers can be counted.)

A Eulogy For The Swimsuit Dress, A Plus-Size Rite Of Passage  (I wish I could bury mine but I've at least 'upgraded' to the tankini dress.)

This Is Why You Get Painful Toe Cramps—and How to Find Relief  (Use The Stick on the shins and around the ankles to help too.)

The Neuroscience of Breaking Out of Negative Thinking and How to Do It in Under 30 Seconds  (In the process of trying to rewire a lot of crap right now.)

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats in Your House  (Literally one was flying in my face repeatedly as I was typing this.)

This Farmhouse-Style Kitchen Hack Adds So Much Extra Counter Space  (I've looked at these before.  Pretty cool for those of us with matchbox sized kitchens!)

Michael Jackson once pitched a collaboration with Duran Duran, but they turned it down  (Wow...mistake.  I can't imagine if that would've sounded right but would've liked the opportunity to love or bash it with authoritah.)

We are road tripping for a change of scenery this weekend which is desperately needed.  The house is becoming prison like between the pandemic and health crap so that time will be welcome for sure!

Anything going on this weekend for you?

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  1. I visited my uncle yesterday so today it's make-up time for grocery shopping and laundry before the weekend begins. The hubs works tomorrow and I am meeting with a tree service to get an estimate on lots of work we need done. I suspect I'll be fainting when he gives me the quote. Then the rest of the weekend is going to work.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Happy Friday!
    I can always count on you for some great quick reads! On the swimsuit front, I discovered Landsend underwire tankini tops i pair with swim shorts. The girls are at their old position, surprised they aren't getting nosebleeds lol. Heading out to get some kayaking in this weekend.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I read the Mr Mercedes series, but haven't watch the show. I want to see it, but I guess it's just not been a high priority.

    From the swimsuit article "The first time I put on a size 14 bikini, I felt cripplingly self-conscious" annoyed the crap out of me. If I could get to a size 14, I think I'd flaunt it. Granted when I was working my way up the sizes I was none to pleased with that size, but if I could ever get back down to it I think my perspective would have changed. I'd like a tankini, but I have never found one that is even a little bit flattering on me so I continue to rock the swimdress.

    1. Also - I hope your medical issues are resolving. I've been thinking of you. I was lucky in mine, my follow up Monday showed that it was just a cyst.


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