Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Hump Day Poll: The Po Po

I had to laugh when I saw this question...was there any time that you were almost arrested?

Back in the early 90's, we went to see a hair band for my friend's birthday.  We did our usual and waited around back to meet the bands especially as a nice bday present for her.   We always had good luck with bands signing autographs and getting pics, etc so there was no reason to think this would be any different.  

However, they were too interested in running to the bus, screwing the scantily clad ladies and smoking joints while laughing and waving at the rest of us out there waiting.  People got TICKED.  There weren't THAT many of us out there they couldn't have waited for 10 minutes to get their jollies.  The opening band, who were equally dismissive, were gearing up to leave.  Some people started sitting down in the parking lot blocking their tour busses so they couldn't leave.  So we decided to stupidly join in.  What were they going to do, arrest 15 people?  Up pulls the paddywagon.  As they started loading people in, my friend and I ran.  That was not the birthday present we wanted and her mom would've never let us hang out again.  

Idiots.  LOL

Was there any time that you were almost arrested?

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  1. I was walking with some friends in a new construction neighborhood that only had a few houses finished. I happened to touch the stop sign on the street and the thing literally fell over because it wasn't properly secured at all. I didn't know what to do at first so I just pretended it was a guitar and played it making my friends laugh but unfortunately there was someone in the newly constructed house who called the fuzz. We walked pretty far away from the area and eventually a cop car did come but I was kind of hiding away and my friends talked to the cops and told them they had seen some other kids in the area and apparently that worked to get the police to leave. It's not like I kept the stop sign. I laid it down right where it was. I feel like I did people a favor - they deserved for that stop sign to be properly secured. Imagine what would have happened if a big storm came through. I did a public service!

  2. Speeding tickets (some people are born with a silver spoon, I was born with a lead foot - I've worked really hard on that) and one time my high school boyfriend and I parked for some alone time after a concert and we'd barely turned off the ignition when a policeman shooed us off. Never been close to actually arrested though thank goodness.

  3. When I was a new driver I got pulled over by a police officer who screamed at me for apparently interrupting a funeral procession. I didn't know one was happening because no one had their lights on, there were no flags on the cars indicating they were in a procession and the car stopped at the stop sign. I had no clue, but this officer was beyond livid and threatened to have me arrested. I was two blocks from my house and every time I went through that intersection I remembered that.


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