Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Hump Day Poll: I Don't Care What People Say

Every decade has it's cringy stuff to the majority.  Things that teens are into right now will be panned by them in 10-20 years going "what was I thinking?!!?"  At least most of them.  Then there are some things that people will universally dog on that they will continue to love and never regret having been a part of even if the masses make fun of them for it.

Most of my childhood happened in the 80's.  Everyone likes to rag on every single facet of the 80's except the music and movies.  I liked those aspects obviously but there was one thing I will never regret...

The hair and fashion.

Yes, I was probably responsible for a hole in the ozone layer but my hair looked pretty similar to Louise from Teen Witch up there and I loved every second of it.  (Except when I had to brush the Aqua Net out at the end of the day.  Ouch!)  I loved the lace gloves, the gaudy patterns and colors, the jean jackets full of snarky buttons and the hair as high as it would go.  Anything went and you could express yourself however you wanted because there were no rules and there was a freedom in that.

When people see my high school pics and try to make big hair jokes, I look at them 1) until they realize they made a mistake or 2) I say "I'm not embarrassed I had big hair, and I can still get my hair that high if properly motivated."

What trend during your teen years do you look back on with zero regrets?

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  1. I enjoyed wearing my teal Converse high tops with rolled jeans and baggie men's Irish wool sweater on a regular basis, along with the ridiculous purple hair that I shaved on one side and wore long on the other side. It was all goofy looking but I smile when I think back on those times.

  2. I owned my "Miami Vice" outfit complete with white jacket and bleached hair back in the day. Oh, and Jams shorts! I loved my Jams.

  3. I had an undercut (the under layers of my hair shaved). I laughed when my niece did the same thing and thought she was such a rebel. I also still love my army surplus and Doc Marten boots. I wish I never donated my Doc Martens. They were very comfortable.

  4. I loved the 80s, I don't regret a thing!
    I did try to start a fb movement of 80s selfies at the beginning of the covid but couldn't get my hair to comply.
    Rock on 80s!

  5. I regret that my hair doesn't "do" big. There isn't enough product in the world, and ratting it out to build height just looks like a ratted mess. I was always jealous of the girls with big hair. I cut one side very short (mom wouldn't let me shave it, I went as short as she would allow) and wore the other side long. I regret that I had such low confidence in my body at a time when I was actually very fit - I wish that I had worn some of the more "risque" fashions that I didn't think I could pull off but looking back I totally could have.

    I had snarky pins all over my letter jacket and they were amazing. I just recently gave my jean jacket from those days to a friend's daughter, I hope she gets as much joy out of it as I did.


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