Monday, August 24, 2020

Decor Snag and Nugget Check In Weekend Recap


Monday...we meet again.

It was a pretty low key weekend here.  Friday afternoon we headed to my favorite local home decor place because she had some fall stuff out.  I knew it would be less crazy than Saturday so we darted in, I got some pumpkin stuff and off we went.  She's only open 3 days a week so gotta get in there when I can but she also lets me buy stuff online and pick it up so I don't have to be without my fix of seasonal goodies.  Saturday we pretty much just did take out from a steakhouse then that made me sleepy so we "napped" for 2 hours.  Unfortunately, the Mr slept wrong and it gave him a bad headache.  We went on a little drive to get out of the house and later we had a charcuterie board for dinner with some ingredients we didn't use the previous weekend and rented Fantasy Island for a buck on Redbox.  Glad it was only a dollar.  I grabbed our recipe cards for the stuff we were supposed to get with our Hello Fresh box originally and placed a grocery order so we have the stuff on hand.  It is nice to know that if there are special spice packets out there, you can search and find what's in them so you can make them on your own.  

Sunday was laundry day so we got that moving.  I was glad I checked my email because these Christmas pictures I've been waiting to be notified about were back in stock but almost sold out.


They will fit perfectly between the gap on the vintage ski's I hang up.  So much for getting notified when they're back in stock, it was a fluke I saw them and they were sold out less than an hour later.  That made me do a happy dance and felt like I was meant to have them.

I made lunch and we puttered around on the 'puters a bit.  I didn't tell you guys last week because I didn't want to say anything until I had a chance to check in with him but my favorite nugget (cousin) has Covid.  He works at a nursing home so we've been worried about this possibility for months and it was a kick in the gut to have our worst fears come true.  His mom apparently put something out on social media which I heard about halfway through his quarantine and she said he was asymptomatic.  After checking in with him yesterday, he was NOT asymptomatic, but had the fatigue, was lightheaded and tightness in the chest so it seems at least a milder form of it than some of the horror stories you read.  So I don't know if she was downplaying it or he downplayed it to her (we're guessing the latter).  I did urge him to get a stress test/heart test when it's safer so he can make sure he didn't have any residual heart stuff as have been reported.  When he's on his exercise kicks, he can do very intense workouts and I don't want him keeling from a heart condition he didn't know he had.  So that had been weighing heavily on my heart especially since we can't see him or give him a hug.  His hugs are literally the best, we as a family have voted on it many times.  I had some Marvel coloring books delivered to him to finish out quarantine.   He's 35.  

We got our workout in early and it handed us our butts.  We grabbed our showers then it was time to head over to the grocery for our pickup.  Literally, it was the hardest order I've put in since March and I'll be damned if they didn't have everything but one item!  It was almost like I was taunting them to not have stuff and they were like "nope, we good."  Since the Mr recently discovered he likes roasted broccoli, I got what I thought would be five small crowns and they gave me five of the biggest crowns of broccoli I've seen ever.  Cruciferous doth snickerous.  It was weird having everything done by 5:45pm!   We're going to make some changes this week so our weeks could start looking like that most of the time which will be weird.

We're bummed the final episode of Renovation Island aired last night.  That's kind of been our second half quarantine show.  Sigh.

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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  1. Sucks that he came down with Covid but I'm glad he is doing good. I do hope he follows through on the heart checks because that is serious stuff.

    I am bummed that our show is done and we need to find more stuff to keep us occupied. Seems like that is the theme of this whole ordeal is trying to distract ourselves, even just for a while, from the reality of it all.

  2. I trekked back to Iowa to bring Mom back. Its 400 miles round trip so it kills a day. Yesterday I finally stained my dresser that I stripped last December. I did that because I had nothing else to do. Its kinda silly that I have been dragging my feet on this considering I've been using a laundry basket for my dresser all this time. I didn't like how the wood cleaned up and was worried about streaking or blotches. Alas there are none lol. It turned out great, I love it. Hopefully I can get a few coats of poly on it today and have it back in use this week. Ive missed it. Weird how I had a mental block about finishing it for so long. I also had a friend come over and help me get my old couch out to the curb. It has great bones but i could not get anyone to call me back to get a quote on reupholstering it. I thought about doing it myself but Nah.
    Now that my job has turned permanently remote I need to setup an office in my spare room. So getting that couch out was key. I scored a beautiful desk free on marketplace so I'm stoked about getting that going. I have been at my dining room table for 6 months and I would like it back!
    Have a great week!

  3. I'm glad you found some good autumn buys! The weekend was a good one. I was so happy to get all the laundry done and put away on Friday so on Saturday I just needed to wash the bedding and got all that done by early afternoon. I find great pleasure in seeing an empty laundry hamper. LOL We ordered in for lunch which was filling enough to not have dinner and then it was off to work. Sunday I did the usual chores and got a little nap in. Not nearly as much sleep as I needed, but a relaxing day all the same. One of our dogs struggles with allergies so she's wearing her winter booties outside now, and what a difference! She zips all over that yard now, not at all caring that the other dogs in the neighborhood are looking at her balloon feet. ROFL Bring on autumn temps!


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