Friday, August 21, 2020

What I'm Reading This Week #34

Good Friday to you all!  I hope you had a great week and are ready for the weekend.  We've got a month until Fall which you all know I'm down with in a major way but basically less than two weeks until my house turns into hygge central.  I'll be in my "let's get cozy" sweatshirt and fuzzy socks with hot tea for my birthday, sweating like a mofo trying to project the change of seasons.  

Let's change into...

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Your 'Doomscrolling' Breeds Anxiety. Here's How To Stop The Cycle  (Yes it does and we both NEED to stop!  Do you?)

We Need to Talk About Ventilation  (It's also helpful to upgrade your furnace filter which we did at the beginning of this.  We use this filter and as a person who suffers with year round allergies, I've only had TWO allergy sneeze attacks since March and I would have them daily, sometimes multiple times.  You can get them for $18 but the link is to show you it needs to be 2200 and MERV 13 rated for Coronavirus.)

You’re sitting wrong — and your back knows it. Here’s how to sit instead  (Damn straight my back knows it because it's not very damn straight anymore!)

Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training: Vigorous Breaths Boost Heart, Brain  (I have something very similar that we got in case either of us got da Rona.  But I do need to do this to expand my crappy lung capacity anyway so this is just another bonus.)

8 activities that are as good for your mental health as meditation   (Sign me up!)

A Little Affection Can Go a Long Way for Your Relationship  (Absolutely, so hold your honey's hand or smooch them on the forehead just for the heck of it!)

Six Napkin Folds to Make An Ordinary Dinner Feel Special  (I am all about presentation!  Well, when my table is cleared off.)

Why is the Red Barn So Iconic?  (I don't know but it gives me the squishies every time I see one!)

24 photos Generation Z will never understand (I actually feel bad for them!  This stuff taught us patience and gave us attention spans.  I HATE how short my attention span is now thanks to 'instant gratification!')

My Comics Are Inspired By My Dog And Most Dog Owners Will Relate To Them  (Forgot I bookmarked this one.  Too cute not to share.)

While Being Horrible And Hilarious At The Same Time, These 20 Reviews Of Haribo Gummy Bears On Amazon Are Leaving People In Tears Of Laughter (WHY does this make me want to try them!?!?!?)

Since we had a road trip and retreat the past two weekends, I don't know if anything is truly on tap for this one or not.  We'll have to see how the weather shakes out or if the whites of our eyes start to liquefy from boredom.

Anything planned for the weekend or winging it?

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  1. I have no plans whatsoever but still feel a pull to get out somewhere. Just glad it's Friday. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

  2. These are great articles. I can particularly vouch for the Haribo Gummie Bears... the best! Super chewy, and the sour ones are even better! =o) My plans are the usual with today being busy running a lot of errands to lighten the load for tomorrow before going in to work. My goal is to get the laundry done today and just have the sheets and blanket to do tomorrow. It's back in the 90's now and one of my pups is hating it with her allergies. So she's back to wearing booties to go outside. Just started that yesterday and she was zipping all over the yard! LOL Huge difference from standing on the deck saying, "nope, not going down and touching that green stuff with my paws, lady."
    I hope you have a restful weekend and if a drive is in order, enjoy the scenery.

    1. The sugar free ones don't make you poop like it did for all of these other people? Being a non-consistent pooper, that was the only appeal for me! ROFL


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