Thursday, August 13, 2020

Shows I Watched During Lockdown (part 1)

I'm not going to say show's WE watched because there are some I knew the Mr wouldn't care about either way and I needed something on in the background to drown out a-hole neighbors who were grating on my nerves more than usual in the beginning of it all.  So I've been keeping this running list in case you need some content because, like us, you feel like you've watched all the TV there is to watch.  There are some shows that I thought I'd eventually get to (Kominsky) and others I thought "I'd have to be locked in my house and desperate to watch that" (Girls) so there was no time like the present.

Barry (HBO) - Thank goodness for HBO throwing a bone on some free shows early on.  (Sorry Mr, I know you were hoping for Westworld.)  I've heard rave reviews about Barry and I love Henry Winkler and the chance to see Bill Hader in something other than a comedy.  Whoever plays Sally ruined it so hard for the both of us, it was irritating to watch and we almost abandoned it after three episodes.  Then something compelling happened and we had to ignore her to finish it.  Hader did a badass job the mid to late half of the second season especially when he snapped and went bat shit.  We liked it but not liked it enough to purchase HBO once a new season is out.  While I'd like to see Stephen Root's character get what's coming to him, I also have to balance the 60% of the show I have to tolerate to get to the good stuff.  Winkler is gold though.

Big Little Lies  (HBO)  With an all-star cast like Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, and the second season, Meryl Streep, I always wanted to see this show even though I had no clue what it was about.  Basically, like Melrose Place but with snooty, imperfect mommies trying to keep up appearances because of their high falootin' town.  I won't lie, I loved seeing Monterrey and Carmel by the Sea, California since we vacationed there so that was a big draw for me.  The Mr thought it was slow so he checked out but I hung in.  It was an interesting watch but I think they aren't filming a season three and I hate when a series ends where you have to guess how five lives turned out after facing some consequences.  Glad I saw it but I'm not pining for more.

Girls (kinda)  (Amazon Prime) - I had to stop watching this, not that I was paying too close attention anyway.  Vapid, self-centered wenches and as if I thought Adam Driver couldn't get more annoying, he was at his pinnacle in this show.  I don't care how it ends.  I don't care if any of them grow out of their crappy personalities or their journey to self-discovery because even with weeks of time to go on it with them, not worth my time.

The Kominsky Method (Netflix)  Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin make a surprisingly funny team in this dramedy.  Lots of stuff that sucks especially about getting old.  I'm not gonna lie that it stinks seeing the man I lusted after in Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile lookin' a little frail sometimes.  Regardless, he can still deliver and I'm looking forward to the next season should they decide to do one.   (They should...that would be a pretty lackluster way to end a series much less that season.  Do it up, Netflix!)

The Stranger (Netflix) - British thriller series that had a good trailer.  A stranger comes in and tells this dude his wife faked her pregnancy and gives him the tools to find out the truth.  He confronts the wife and all hell breaks loose as all is not what it seems.  A subplot with some kids too but in the end, it wasn't necessary and took away from the meat of the story.  A pretty good watch, especially since British shows, don't do the typical 13 episode season so you could binge it on a weekend or over a week with an episode or two a night.

Everything Sucks (Netflix)-  This is a coming of age show set in the late '90s.  The acting by the two leads Luke and Kate are seriously amazing and can't wait to see where their careers take them.  There are also some adult sub-plots thrown in for good measure that are really sweet.  It brings back all of the highs and lows of high school in a much more innocent time that unfortunately our kids and grandkids will never experience.  I was super bummed to find out that they did not renew so that cliffhanger will never be resolved.

Unbelievable (Netflix)- A teen girl is sexually assaulted then forced to rescind her report.  A female cop duo investigates similar assaults after stumbling on the similarities by accident.  They suspect it's someone with intimate knowledge of how to get away with such a crime.  A good series and worth a watch if you need something to get into.

The Society (Netflix) Probably not the best thing to watch on lockdown.  The world changed when high school kids come back from a failed field trip to discover the world has been turned upside down and no families are to be found.  They must govern themselves and things, of course, turn ugly.  The episodes could've been 30ish minutes over 50-60 minutes and there's a season two at the end of the year which means it's a long watch without a whole lot of payoff on the finale.  Not sure I'd recommend it unless you've watched everything else there is to watch.

Dead to Me (Netflix) We'd been chomping at the bit for season two of this show since we loved season one so much.  This season didn't disappoint even if there were some moments of suspension of disbelief involved.  It was an emotional roller coaster the whole season.  There's quite the twist in the last two episodes, especially the end which sets up season three.

Workin' Moms (Netflix)- This is one of those ones that I inadvertently got hooked on, blew through on a binge over a few weeks like a year ago and then I had to wait for the promise of a new season.  Thankfully, once I finished all of YouTube, a new season was only two weeks away.  I wish this season would've been better.  It just felt very thrown together and not quite as interesting.  If they do another season of this show, I don't think I'd need to see it until I get desperate for content.

The Tiger King (Netflix) -  That was a joke.  I will never watch that, ever.

What are some of the streaming shows you watched the past few months?

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  1. I am glad you've kept a running list of what we've watched so far. Some of it seems so long ago now I barely remember half the details and it was nice just to read the recap. I'm actually looking forward to seeing The Society if they get another season. As for Tiger King, nope, not interested either.

  2. I'm sad to say that I suck in the category because very little interests me that I think Oh I really want to see that. There's a few things like Curb Your Enthusiasm that I would enjoy since I don't get HBO, but not enough to actually research it. There are some shows I have written down that have been recommended but I just haven't taken the time to actually do it. My tv time is very sketchy at best because of my work schedule, and then on my days off I'm usually watching something that I've recorded. Just like with movies, I'm a dope. LOL


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