Monday, August 10, 2020

All Who Wander Are Not Lost Weekend Recap

We both agreed we needed to get the hell out of town this weekend.  We were losing our minds so Friday night, we sat down to pick a town to drive to within an hour or two that we hadn't been to before and preferably podunk.  It took us 90 MINUTES to decide based on Google maps and available restaurants.  NINETY.  King and Queen of spontaneity we are not.  When we finally decided, we went to bed and got a pretty good night's sleep for the first time in a week for him and maybe three weeks for me.  

First stop had us behind this car and it made me smile and thought I'd share it with you.
We did a lot of driving in the country and it was nice to see the animals out in the wild enjoying the day.
Like two seconds later, that brown horse looked up whilst chewing as if to say "what, you've never seen a horse EAT?!  Move along, tourist!"

I loved these moo cows.
When the opportunity presented itself, we got out and said hi to these guys.
I always love seeing scattered hay bales.  Sadly, the grass looks as dry as the hay.
Then of course, you see the circle of life on the side of the road.  This was the least sad of the pics I captured.
Going over a bridge always makes you feel like you're going somewhere fun.
In our case, it was just to fuel up for gas before turning around but still.  

We really enjoying just taking narrow country roads, weird detours and enjoying being out of the house.  We did stop for lunch and ate in the car but it was nothing to write home (or blog) about.  All in all it wasn't about the destination but the journey, as usual and 7 hours later we were finally pulling back home.  

That night while eating dinner, I had on To All The Boys I've Loved Before Part 2 and it was cute.  I REALLY loved the first one and this one was okay but I'm hoping  for a better wrap up on the trilogy.

Sunday, I decided it was time for morning glory Gossamer to come down.  While I wish the leaves bloomed like that out back where they are pithy from being fried in the sun all day, they never bloomed out front.  All it did was serve to attack delivery people and choke out sunlight  from the rose bush.  So I hacked him up while the Mr stuffed him into a garbage bag.
It also choked out the anemone on the right to the point it was dying.  The one on the left is trying to bloom so I'm hoping with all of the morning glory leaves gone that both will do better.

In an attempt to get ready to transition to fall flowers, I pulled up the bright blue, I don't even know what they were annuals which was our first pandemic purchase and added these coral bells to the back of the pot.
When the garden phlox are done blooming, I will cut those back to have pumpkins on top and plant some decorative kale in the front.  The place we stayed in Massachusetts last fall had something similar and I really liked the way it looked.  We'll see.

Other than that, it was laundry day which is always a thrill.  We did do another short jaunt to the (closer) country and drove by a friend's house just to see if they were outside.  (Probably wouldn't have stopped anyway.)  Then we had a small grocery pickup and I, of course, forgot to add a few things so we'll have to make a quick pit stop the last hour sometime this week.

Oh, if anyone watched the Zac Efron special on Netflix and saw the one where this blogger made a sweet potato lentil curry for him, we tried it.

It was pretty dang good!  I coupled it with roasted garlic brown rice with nutritional yeast since it suggests serving it with rice.  I was able to freeze four more portions for future dinners so score for that!

That's about it on our end.  Make sure you stop back tomorrow, I have a long overdue surprise for you!

How was your weekend?

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  1. It was so nice to get in a road trip. Saw some pretty landscapes along the way too and it is neat to just take a road and see where it leads. It's funny how doing that also shows the various ways you can get to a place that really is the scenic route compared to a freeway.

    I am glad we cut down the morning glory "gossamer". While I was proud to see how big those things got after watching you grow them from tiny seeds in our living room, it just got so out of hand that it was choking out everything else which is what weeds do. If it wasn't going to bloom for us, it doesn't get to do that!

  2. Love all the country scenery! I find such peace and contentment when I drive out to the country. I'll often turn off the radio and just listen to the sound of my dogs hanging their heads out the windows with big smiles on their faces. lol

    It was a good weekend. Got some things accomplished which feels good, and did the typical stuff I have to do on weekends. It's super hot and muggy with not a lick of a breeze so being outdoors is not an option the next few days, other than to cut the lawn and let the dogs out. But the cornfields are sure loving this!


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