Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Hump Day Poll: Remember when?

Remember concerts?  Concerts were how I spent my youth.  I went to a lot of concerts in the 80's and I mean a LOT.  I met so many hair bands back in the day and I loved singing the songs with my friends.  Poison, Def Lepppard, David Lee Roth, Slaughter, Faster Pussycat, and what feels like a zillion others.  Nowadays (aka-under non-pandemic circumstances), I don't know if you could pay me to go.  I so desperately want to see The 1975 in concert but the picture above conveys what would make me irritated enough to not enjoy the show.

I'm from the days of slipping a camera in your jeans because security couldn't search your crotch and lighting your Bic for the power ballads.  Watching a bunch of people recording a show instead of enjoying it and then listening to tone deaf teens *scream* the lyrics would end me up in a paddy wagon.  I know this happens because hypocritically, I watch said recordings from those shows on YouTube and all I can hear is teen girls covering up the band with their banshee squeals.

I think unless it's a Christmas or jazz show...aka...nowhere someone under 35 would show up, we're out.  That is also the last concert I went to...brace yourself, Jim Brickman Christmas concert like 4 years ago.  Then I proceeded to get the WORST cold I've gotten in my life that lasted for 4 months and I lost my sense of smell for two of those months and needed an MRI.  Basically, nowhere is safe.

14 year old me is so ashamed.

Do you still like going to concerts?   Has your taste in concerts changed?

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  1. I wasn't a big concert aficionado before but yeah I could never enjoy watching everyone watch through their phones or singing along loudly. Sure, some songs are fun to sing along with when the lead singer prompts that but when, like, every song is being sung along to then why am I paying to hear the lead singer sing? Yep, I am too far gone into curmudgeon-land to enjoy a show today.

  2. I'm old, can't take the noise as much. I prefer mellow concerts where people are seated lol.

  3. Most of the concerts I've been to have been outdoors and I enjoyed those immensely, although I was much younger. I'm not much of a concert-goer anymore and it really doesn't appeal. Some has to do with the outdoor venues are less and less available and my energy level says I'd rather be reading at home. LOL I did go to a Christmas concert at a church in 2012 and that was a lot of fun because the band made it funny. But given the option now, nah, I'm not going.


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