Tuesday, December 17, 2019

YOU Light Up My Life

I asked you guys to share with us either your own Christmas lights or lights that make you smile and apparently only two of ya's have Christmas spirit this year.  So let's get to it!

We kick things off with Katie who shared the Christmas lights on her home.

Look at that cute North Pole Stables with the reindeer all ready to deliver goodies on Christmas Eve!  (Actually, a few by the bush are waiting to go in the sleigh!)    Thanks for sharing your Christmas cheer, Katie!

Oh, then she shared that her neighbors went all out...

That's a lot of characters to greet the neighborhood!  The real trick will be seeing how many of those lawn decorations are left by Christmas because hooligans are still hooligans.  😂  Keep us updated, Katie!

Denise checked in and showed off the lovely display at her home.

I love all of the symbols of the season waiting to greet you from the deer to the angel to the holy family.  Don't forget to take in the joy as you ascend the stairs!  ;-)  Thanks for sharing your holiday shine with us, Denise!

Well, that was a quick post!  Thanks to Katie and Denise for sharing!

Their pics inspired me to actually clean the house and workout early then grab some goodies...

(Spiced Plum tea and a few snickerdoodles)

...and go look at Christmas lights!  We drove around for about 90 minutes.  I took a pic of our favorite house to share.

It doesn't even do it justice because the icicle lights are really full and twinkle so pretty.  Literally the best icicle lights we've ever seen.  These people get our vote for best lights for sure!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. Not sure how to put pictures in here? But here is a link to a couple of pictures I took of the retro tree in my dining room. We don't have a lot of lights outside. http://weightywords.blogspot.com/2019/12/still-here.html

  2. That reindeer stable is such an original idea, I love it! And to have all those decorations at a neighbors house would make it hard to not have the Christmas spirit. I like the joy going up the steps on the other one too, what a great use of space there. Thanks to both of them for sharing! Glad we went out and looked around in our area last night. It was a much needed dose of the season for me!

  3. There is a beautifully decorated house that I drive by every day and I was going to send you a picture of it. But... turns out it's a student's house and I thought it'd be weird. "Why is my teacher taking pictures of my house?" so you'll just have to trust me that it's fantastic.

    Every year we get movie theatre popcorn to go and then drive around town looking at the light. We haven't done our night yet this year, but I'm thinking maybe tomorrow night.

  4. Such pretty decorations! I love the energy and personality people put into decorating the outside of their houses. I've yet to go down this one major road that has a few houses that I'm pretty sure use the same decorator because they all sit back from the road and have gigantic front yards with tons of trees and each and every tree has lights on it. It's like an entire block of pure magic. It's a major road though so I don't know how I'd get a picture but it makes me smile every time I see it.
    So glad you got out to see the lights. We'll go this weekend down to the park by the river than you drive through and see all the light displays local companies put up. It's the coolest thing and is packed with people just idling along. It's going to be near 50 so having the windows down for the dogs won't be a hardship this year. lol

  5. Beautiful pictures! We barely got inside decorated this, so I couldn't participate. But everyone did a great job. So festive!


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