Friday, December 6, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #49

Good Friday to you all.  The first full weekend of December, how the heck did that happen?   We were happy to find a Salvation Army tree at a hipster store we wandered into earlier in the week so we could get a few teens their Christmas gifts.  (Everyone goes for the smaller kids.)  Does anyone else have a hard time finding those trees now?  I remember they used to be everywhere until about 10 years ago.  I can't find those adopt-a-senior trees anymore either.  I really loved doing those.  I'll have to look into that sooner next year since this year seems to be swirling down the drain.

But first, let's look into...

The Official 2019 Guide to Holiday Shopping Deadlines  (Plan for your out of staters)

This Is When Your Cold Stops Being Contagious  (Well, it looks like I've got 6 more days to go.)

Why You Struggle To Stay Awake When You're Stressed  (I have been a ZOMBIE this week!)

15 Christmas Decorations You Won't Believe Are Made Out Of Paper  (Get the kids/grandkids involved!)

6 Little Things You Can Do For Someone Who Is Grieving At The Holidays  (Good tips)

Why Am I So Angry?  (Have you been out there lately!?!)

16 Clear Signs You’re About to Be Hacked   (DO TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION!  I've gotten two notifications this past week alone from a-holes trying to hack an email account.)

37 Best Country Christmas Ideas for a Down-Home Holiday  (Swooooon!)

How to Decorate a Room with Limited Natural Light  (Like our cave?)

7 Versatile Kettlebell Exercises to Include in Your Workout  (More kettlebell)

Here's Why It's So Hard To Unpack After A Trip  (Oh good, it's not just us!)

Domino's Pizza Delivery Hero Saves Guy From Psycho Ex   (Language but good on them!)

It's finally Friday and I'm ready for the weekend.  It's been a week of trying to get back on track with our routines.  Since we came back from New England our exercise routines have been off a little.  I was sick when we got back so I had to ease off on intensity, finally got well and back to it full(ish) force and then got sick again after going to Toronto and have had to pull back again.  I almost fainted during Wednesday's workout.  Whoops.  Each cold is zapping my energy and the Mr has aggravated a shoulder injury.  We've both been guilty of skimping on our PT the past few months and its caught up to us.  Now he needs both his PT and mine and his body is protesting.  So we're trying to get back into whatever groove our bodies are allowing. 

What are you grooving into this weekend?

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  1. Call churches. Ours has a gift tree every year. You do not have to be a member or attend to participate. Yes, probably too late this year.

  2. I am glad we found the tree we found this year but it would be nice to do that a bit sooner next year. Why does this holiday season seem to be flying by like it is? Everyone have a great weekend!

  3. A lot of churches have them and some charity places around town. I know one place that does an Angel Tree to buy presents for kids whose parents are incarcerated. I have not seen a senior tree now that you mention it, but I wonder if the senior facilities would have some?
    This weekend is going to be all about rest. I went too crazy yesterday after feeling good with the anesthesia wearing off and I was really hurting bad last night. So today, I'm still in my pj's and I'm not taking a shower until the hubs gets home in a couple of hours from work, so he can be here just in case. I'll finish wrapping presents today but I just have a few left to do now, so I'm in good shape. Rest, relaxation, and recovery are the ticket this weekend. Also enjoying our tree lights. =o)
    Have a super weekend and hopefully you can kick that cold to the curb!!


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