Monday, December 23, 2019

Pre-Christmas Weekend Recap

Happy Christmas Eve eve, y'all.

What a weekend.  Saturday morning, I got my foodstuff done for Sunday's gathering so it was nice to not have to worry about it and just frost my cake before we left.  We had a delivery going to my mother in law that went so horribly awry that I was in tears with a customer service rep saying I ruined Christmas.  After enough time on the phone to drain the battery, and the Mr putting the smackdown Ward Cleaver style to a woman who had to be chuckling under her breath, we got a solution.  (Poor Mr...he was raised in a small town with parents who could threaten to take their business elsewhere and it would get them somewhere.  Even 28 years later, he still hasn't learned the big city doesn't work that way.  Speaking of 28 years, we've officially been together 28 years today.  My how time flies!  Happy dating Anniversary hon!)

We usually make it a rule not to go out during this time of year anywhere near shopping but it was necessary after the morning I had.  It was absolutely atrocious out there.  The Mr cannot take crowds like that anymore.  It must just be an age thing because we might not have liked crowds when we were younger but now we have to keep bail money in the glove compartment.  We went for some Italian food for a late lunch and felt like we wanted to be out and not go back home after the morning we had but didn't want to be out in the crowds either.  We stopped at a few places before heading back home and basically chilling the rest of the day. We watched Eddie Murphy on SNL and it was pretty good but I wonder if it was his choice to reprise all of his old roles or not.  Still, it was nice to see Buckwheat, Velvet Jones (though he stumbled really bad on that one- kinda cringy), Gumby and of course, Mr. Robinson.

Sunday we got in Dirty 30 with Autumn Calabrese in the morning and it was the gathering with my grandpa's wife.  Just as I suspected, her cake made its appearance.  Mmm hmm.  It was a decent time.  My mom was sick and told us like an hour before so we could wear our AirTamers.  (affiliate link)  You know, the ones we can't find?  Luckily the Mr found our old one so I could at least be protected.  I was sick for Halloween, sick for Thanksgiving and I'll be damned if I'm going to be sick for Christmas if I can help it.  She had a bit of a burr up her butt thereby reinforcing why we'll be out of town next year.  I'm thinking she's ticked she had to move to her new place and have it a wreck over the holidays.  Well, you chose when to sell and you did the same thing the time you moved there so kind of your fault and no need to take it out on the rest of us.  I must say, it makes the holidays much more tolerable when you know you won't have to deal with some of the 'tude the following year.  When I heard eye-roll worthy content, my mind went to winter cabins and sleigh rides and I was able to get through it.   I told my grandpa's wife the same and she said she actually likes that because she loves our one on one time.  We had a nice time when everyone left and it was half of us left.  We chatted for a while and then it was time to get going home. 

The next three days are going to be kind of nuts, okay, actually the rest of the week since my friend is visiting Friday so I won't feel like we can actually breathe until Saturday.  I won't say I can't wait until Christmas is over because I can but I can't wait to be able to friggin' breathe with nothing to do for anyone and nowhere to be. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Happy dating anniversary! We've come such a long way! It was a pretty good weekend and I am glad I got to see Star Wars in the mix with all that other stuff going on but yeah, Saturday was way too much stress for the weekend before Christmas! Have a great Christmas week everybody!

  2. It was a good weekend. We went to my uncle's on Saturday and had a nice visit with him. He was so happy to see the hubs, which really made my heart smile. Ran some errands when we got back into town and then did some house stuff. Sunday he had to work so I did the grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning. So from 5am to 3pm I was a busy bee and finally got to sit mid-afternoon. Poor guy has to work BOTH days next weekend so he'll get Christmas Day and New Year's Day off and that's it. He's working 72 hours a week and is ready to drop, just like the other employees, both men and women. Turns out their biggest client is threatening to leave, so management is doing all they can to suck up to them, at the expense of the employees who are stuck in sub-zero temps for 12 hours. The hubs thinks the client will leave and then a bunch of layoffs will happen. It's so screwy. Today I have to get one gift card and go to the pizza place down the street to buy a quart of their meat sauce, and possibly a quick run to the grocery store for two items. Other than that, I'll be cleaning things up around the house so I don't have to worry about it the next two days. Have a super week!!


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