Friday, December 27, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #52

Another Christmas behind us.  Sigh.   I will never do a light "refresh" of a room during holiday time again.  It just put too much stress on me even though it wasn't too horrible in the scheme of things like the basement refresh was.

Oh and remind me if anyone moves around the holidays in the future to make sure we're out of town for the holidays.  😬  After a quick tete a tete with mi madre who arrived Christmas Eve with her undies in a twist, we had a nice evening.  I'm not one to take attitude these days without dishing it right back to let you know I won't allow you to take your bad mood out on me and once that was made clear, we were able to move on.  Poor Mr.  He said he looked over at me two minutes into her arrival looking up at the ceiling in the kitchen out of her view reading my thoughts of "God...give me the strength..."  Thankfully, Christmas Day was better attitude-wise overall but her cold was progressively worse each time I saw her, putting our AirTamers (affiliate link) to the test.  I feel if I'm able to celebrate the new year healthy then they are truly worth every penny because she was germin' up the place pretty fierce on Christmas Eve to the point we wiped the whole place down after she left.

I haven't been able to read too much this week with the holidays and all but squeezed in a few that may be of interest.

Let's squeeze into...

15 Heart-Healthy Foods to Boost Your Good Cholesterol (Check...on basically all of them.)

How to Cook Salmon: Tips and Tricks That’ll Make You Feel Like a Chef  (Time to get more of this fabulous fatty fish in your diet!)

9 Total-Body Exercises that Tone Your Arms, Abs, and Butt  (Some good ones in here for sure.)

6 Flavorful Recipes for a Healthier New Year  (Always good to have new recipes in the arsenal.)

Ask a Therapist: Why Does Everyone Else Seem Happier Than Me?  (I blame social media.  No one's life is what they show on social media which is why my blog is boring because I show da truth, yo!)

No Time To Work Out? 10 Easy Ways To Stay Moving During The Holidays  (I like to move it, move it.)

Police Dog Caught Red-Handed Stealing Christmas Presents  (Aww, nugget!)

In case you missed it earlier in the month, here's what YOU'VE been reading here this month!

My 2019 Christmas Home Tour

Seriously? Holiday Weekend Recap

Setting the Record Straight

Yeesh, Can We Please Stop?

Will It Ever NOT Affect Me?

I hope you have a great final weekend of the year!  I think we're going to just chill out.  I'm not interested in doing ANY....THING.  A friend asked if I wanted to get together and I wanted to cry from the mental doneness.  But I breathed, reframed and I put her on today's schedule along with visiting with my other friend.   So I'll have lunch with the one friend alone which will be a treat since we're usually with the spouses and we'll visit in the late afternoon/evening with my one friend and her fiance before they head out of town the next day.  It will be a full one today but I will finally be able to breathe a bit this weekend.  Now to start looking for potential rentals for next year in case our usual cabin isn't an option.  😁

How were your holidays?  What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. I am never prepared for the swift end to Christmas, it always surprises me how fast everyone moves on from it as soon as the day itself is over. Back to work today so I guess I better get on board with it but at least I have a weekend to look forward to as well. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Everything felt extra rushed this year. Busy at work, and then had to jump full force into Christmas prep mode. Then my parents were here and we had a nice couple of day, and now I need to reclaim my house before heading to their place tomorrow for a few days. When I get back I need to spend a day in my classroom prepping for next semester. Then it's back to work. I just feel like the 2 weeks of winter break are/were really short this year.

    I hope you don't catch your mom's cold. Enjoy catching up with your friends.

  3. I went to the suburbs to have lunch with a friend and that was a really good time. The night before, while looking up some insurance stuff on the hub's employee portal I noticed he still had a little bit of vacation time left that he didn't know he had, so he asked about it at work yesterday, and since they can't roll it over to the next year, the supervisor told him to pick a day. So he picked Monday, thus giving him this whole weekend off since they can't mandate OT when you take time off on a Fri or Mon. He was going to have to work both Sat and Sun (10 hrs each), but now he gets a three day weekend instead!! He was SO happy and we both said a huge prayer of thanks to God because I have never gone on his employee portal on my own before. If it weren't for some confusion about insurance stuff, I never would have seen the vacation time. That was no accident and a glorious answer to prayer! So now he can relax, watch some bowl games, and just chill with me and the pooches. Perfect way to end the year. And all my holiday get-togethers are now behind me, so I can chill too.
    Have a fantastic weekend! Hope you had a super time with your friends!


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