Thursday, December 19, 2019

My 2019 Christmas Home Tour

This Christmas season has been utterly crazy and that's totally my fault.  See, when we went to Massachusetts and stayed in this super hygge inspired house, I was determined to finally make the changes to our home that I've been wanting to do for years.  I was tired of being practical and wanted the kind of things that always gave me fuzzies on websites like Country Living or House Beautiful.  I suppose some would call it rustic or farmhouse, but I call it "I like this and I want it."  So from the first week we got back, we've been redoing things in the great room.  Here's a refresh of what our previous Christmas house tour has looked like to get an appreciation for what it looks like now.   I've got some tea, I'll be here when you get back.


Let's stand in one spot and spin around in our shoebox.

We replaced our chandelier and dining table.  I'm so happy I was able to put fresh greens on the light like I've seen in so many fancy restaurants or cozy country homes.

I will do an in-depth post but for now, I'm focusing on the Christmas stuff.

I love the fresh greens on our new pass-through shelf and even just a carafe of eucalyptus with a bow makes a nice statement.

I still have my picket fence sign I made a few years ago that I'm glad to continue to hang up.

We have a new floor lamp and trunk to sit our holiday tea on and burn our favorite candles.

The biggest squee-worthy change is our hand-hewn mantel from our builder-grade mantel.

We just got our stocking hangers yesterday and I was so glad.  The first place sent me the wrong size and I didn't know if we'd get them in time for Christmas.  (Or at least enough time to enjoy them.)

Here's our armoire.  Obviously, I had the yule log on.

On the bottom shelves are most of our stuff from the past few years.  What's different is our Vermonter peanut brittle box I picked up in Woodstock, Vermont at the end of last year.

Another recent addition as a direct result of our MA trip is our new record player.  We've got a small little collection going and aren't going to be audiophiles or anything but it's nice to have some of our childhood faves.

On the top shelf is my grandma's church that she painted in ceramics class, a vintage Currier and Ives platter some friends gave me that owned an antique store and some caroler figurines.

I used this last year to store our Christmas cards as they came in.

Here's the other armoire which is pretty much unchanged and includes grandma's gumdrop tree.

This is how I'm displaying our Christmas cards this year.

When we were in Chester VT in October, the Mr found these 12 Days of Christmas plaques I saw a few years ago, procrastinated on and missed out on.  They were at a tea house we went to and they were mine.

I had him cut a birch pole in half and I attached them to it as something different to use to hang them on because honestly, I had no idea where else they would go.

Here's how it looks in its spot.

Here's the star of the show, our new tree.

But my favorite is to turn down the lights and enjoy its beauty.

I hope your home is full of your favorite things too.

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  1. Well, it was all worth it in the end doggonit! I don't have your vision so it's hard for me to wholeheartedly jump into projects. But I have to admit I love the way it all looks, so good job! I am also glad you feel that you have your favorite things around you!

  2. Everything is GORGEOUS! I love your decorating style (and or acquisitions ;-) ) Merry Christmas, Mr. and Mrs.

  3. So beautiful! The tree is exquisite and looks perfect in the living room! Everything looks so warm, cozy, and festive. You did a GREAT job in every area!!!

  4. There's something just so soothing about having just the tree lights on! Enjoy them & your holidays! ~ Linda K.


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