Tuesday, December 24, 2019

My Favorite Day of the Year

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!  Yesterday was hectic as all get out.  I baked all day and night long.  Last night the Mr grabbed a full steak dinner and brought it home for us to celebrate our anniversary.  He didn't want me to have to cook and wanted a moment to breathe and enjoy each other's company before the hubbub of me having to cook some stuff today for our gathering with my mom tonight.  Well, that didn't happen as far as breathing.  My baked potato was rotten so I had to make my own we thankfully had on hand and by then, the steak was cold.  We usually ice cut outs and do colorful icing unless it's a travel year. Screw it.   White icing will have to be good enough.  Hopefully, mom's not worse cold wise than she was the other night but I'll have my air purifier around my neck to ward off her voodoo.  I'm so bummed we're going to be in the 50's, almost 60's the next few days.  Definitely no white Christmas for us this year but still a magical day nonetheless.

Christmas Eve always reminds me of the magic and wonder of childhood.  Trying to stay up late enough to catch Santa, searching the skies, swearing you hear sleigh bells and the like.  There's nothing like tapping into that anticipation you had as a kid.  I know as each year passes, it can be hard to remember those things or feel jaded from all of the crap you have to do as an adult.  Even 15 minutes of thinking of your best holiday memories, lighting candles or pine incense that remind you of those times, cozied up with a cuppa can do wonders to melt away a case of the grinchy pants.  Far too many people have that this year from what I've been reading and hearing.

We wish you all the wonder of childhood, hope you get to enjoy a few quiet moments for yourself and get to bed before Santa takes his flight.  For all of you keeping the magic alive for the kids, thank you for putting in the time and effort for those moments they'll never forget.

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