Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hump Day Poll: Slippery Slope

We did a little more work yesterday but it didn't go nearly as fast.  It was tedious stuff like caulking and trying to get these last two friggin boards to cooperate and gluing, etc.  Yesterday morning, Joel Freeman was doing an Instagram story about how he meant to get his workout done in the morning but his garage door broke.  He thought it would take 20 minutes but you know how that goes and it took all day, then he had commitments but did it at 6pm.  He said, "that's the LIIFT4 life baby, you can move things around and I've still got 4 days to lift this week so it's gonna be okay."  That really struck me because I was feeling bad about no formal workouts this week despite feeling pretty beat up but I know some of that was due to not rolling and stuff too.

The Mr motioned like he wanted to get into the garage when I thought we were going down since it was 6pm and I said "no, we're working out.  Two days is permissible, three days off is a slip."  I know we deal with a slippery slope when we're in this situation.  Sunday and Monday, yes, we did stuff that may have counted as calorie burners but yesterday we did not and it would've been very easy to group it together like it counted the same.  It didn't and I'm so glad we worked out.  I mean I was pretty immediately sore but I know how that goes if I go longer than 3 days (Saturday being our rest day) my body starts to get very rigid and goes back out of alignment.  I was glad I insisted on a formal workout especially this week because we get one less day before a weigh-in this week.

For my regular exercisers, what constitutes a slip in your world?

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  1. It was later than I even realized when you suggested we work out so I'm glad we did. It was a tough workout too, but feels good to stay on track.

  2. For me it's if I go the whole weekend without doing a workout of some sort. In the summer, it's often cutting the lawn and that's anywhere from 40 minutes if we both do it to 1 hour 20 minutes if I do it by myself. But lately I've been doing the lawn on my own on Fridays before the hubs gets home because of his long work schedule, so I'll fall into the trap of not doing a workout on either Sat or Sun, and that's not good. I have to plan that out better because I do have the time; I just need to be more disciplined and get it done in the morning before doing my house stuff.


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