Monday, August 12, 2019

DIY Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning y'all.  I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to tackle a new week.  I am ready to be done with house crap and run far away from here!  Last week ended on a sad note since my friend's grandpa died.  He was fine Monday and by Wednesday night he was in hospice and passed the next day.  He was a second grandpa to me as he was to any of his grandkids friends.  I wish we could go to the visitation but it's out of town and we're going out of town the following day.

Thursday and Friday, the Mr got quite a bit of the plank boards cut so I could frankenboard them together.

It was a pain in the butt because we had to wait for the glue to dry and only so many clamps available.  We got 2/3 of them glued and nailed in and I could see the vision a little more clearly though I won't lie, something was still off to me.

Saturday, I needed a hot shower for my aching muscles and I wasn't going to get it because apparently, the Mr beat me to the shower that morning before his study sesh. We headed out to the home improvement store in another area of town because frankly, we were sick of Home Depot.  We got some trim for the wood planks and casing for the door.  I decided I was over crazy cuts and was fine doing a Craftsman-style frame which meant no miter cuts.  I just want to be done.   We loaded those in the car and went back in because I couldn't concentrate while having big, unruly 8' trim pieces in the cart and trying not to impale people with them.  We found the foam board we needed, snapped it in half on the score and the Mr checked out while I looked at replacement shelves.  He was taking quite a bit of time and when he came back in he had that look that after 27+ years together I recognize as "Houston, we have a problem.". He said he had to score further and driving will be interesting.  I know this means stop looking at shelves because they won't fit.  This was my view of him in the front seat.

So we got home and unloaded.  Then we had to do a Home Depot run anyway because I needed caulk I forgot at the other place.  We'll never escape that orange smocked hell.  We got that and some screws we needed and headed home.  I got some dark Old English to see if they could darken the beams we stained but decided to put some on the stud below where we installed the wood planks and it looked amazing.  That was the touch that brought it all together for me.  Then I slathered it on the beams and it gave the look I'd been going for.  While I was doing that, the Mr was installing a 2x2 at the header.  Fun fact: did you know when you buy a 2x4, you're actually buying a 1 1/2 x 3 1/2?!  Are we the last people on Earth to know this?!  So that meant our 2x2 was really a 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 and we'd need to shim it.  *Twitch*   While he took care of the header, I started priming the wall.

'Bout friggin' time

Then we did a little crafty maneuver to make the most of the boards we had while saving money.  

Old English actually stains luan too and it looked quite beautiful without needing to get actual stain involved on pieces that would be in the background.  The whole day was spent doing that and as I went to wash my hands, there was no hot water again.  I asked the Mr what the deal was and the pilot wasn't lit.  He checked a few times then I had him check with our neighbor to see if he had gas and he did (that sounded bad) so that meant it was just our place.  The Mr spent a good hour looking up hot water heater videos and trying to find our receipt and warranty info. 

The next morning, he scrubbed under the heater based on some suggestions to clear the air filter on the water heater.  He called the manufacturer and the lady said there was a reset button (who knew!?!) and sure enough, it had tripped just like a GFCI plug.  He pressed it in and we had hot water again!  So an FYI if you have issues, make sure you check your reset button if it's 10-15 years old or newer.  We got back to work and really did NOT want to buy another box of wood planks but it was a moral imperative.  On the way back, we had no choice but to do all of our grocery shopping at once which sucked rocks.

(It's booze for you!)

That took almost 3 hours by the time we made it everywhere.  Then right back to it.  The wall is done.

There are some seriously cringy parts but it's a basement and I didn't care enough to rip it down and start over!  A big shelf will be covering most of it anyway so it doesn't matter.  We really wanted to get the door frame in but it was not going to happen.  We ran out of hours in the day and I'm finishing this up at 10:30pm.  I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and hope to work on some more stuff today.  A workout didn't happen and I'm not sweating it.  We both still feel stiff and sore

so I don't feel like we didn't workout because we slacked or something.  Far from it.  There is SO much to do this week and I'd really like to get a good bit of it done by Thursday.  Time will tell!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Great job! I'm getting inspired by you two. We had a fun but exhausting weekend. It was a beautiful day on the lake Friday afternoon. The wedding we went to was really beautiful and it was great to catch up with all the cuzzos. Have a great week!

  2. What a weekend! Some parts were a pain but I learned a lot on everything we did, especially the part about hot water tanks having both an air filter and a reset button! Love the way the basement is finally starting to come together.

  3. Congrats on the wall! That looks fantastic and I know you have to be so happy with it and that that part is finished! Yippee!!!!
    Weekend was busy but productive. I cut the lawn on Friday, grocery shopped on Saturday morning while the hubs was at work, and did the laundry on Sunday. All that was interspersed with some gift wrapping, card writing, and digging through the office closet contemplating putting a sledgehammer to it. I'll see my uncle today for his birthday, which is Wednesday, so I'll be on the road a lot. But I have 4 places I have to go first before an appt, and then will get on the road.
    Have a super week with getting things done and feeling good about it!

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. Even when we know it's coming, it's always a shock.

    It sounds like you guys are really knocking out that basement! That kind of work is like an all day work-out, so don't say you skipped working out. How many times did you go up and down the stairs? There are people who go to the gym to do that. How many times did you pick up and hold something heavy? Sounds like weight training to me.

    This weekend... eh. I'm back to work today (and resenting the hell out of it) so despite my best efforts to have a totally lazy day yesterday I had a crap ton of stuff to do. A WalMart run which took forever (I had put off a bunch of purchases where I had to do comparisons while standing there - so like 2 hours), a grocery run, house-work & laundry, redoing the carpets in my guest room, etc. It was 7:30 before I finally started supper and after 8 before I finally settled onto the couch for some well-earned tv time.


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