Thursday, August 29, 2019

I Like to Move It, Move It

(In case you want to listen to the song.)

Is it the weekend yet?  Oh yeah, I don't get one of those this time around, wake me when it's the 6th.

I've been working in the basement and it is in an unfortunate state of "this needs to get done over here before I can move what's over there, over here and before we can get that delivered."  It makes it quite slow moving because I can't take stuff off of a shelf until I have room to move that stuff too.  It's maddening.  I did get some of the artwork on the walls which felt good because I always envisioned that as one of the last things I'd do before it was ready to be done.  #foolsparadise

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We had this huge spinning DVD rack packed full of DVD's and while it served us well for close to 10 years, it just came out too far for me to be able to deal with it anymore.  I looked high and low for a DVD rack that would fit against the wall and not be some monster piece of furniture to deal with.  I know we could digitize but we have better things to do with our time and we both like the feel of a DVD when it's time to watch a movie.  By some miracle, I found this tall but small rack that would fit almost all of our DVD's!  It arrives today so that meant I needed to just dig the heck in...

That was after I purged almost a whole shelf of The L Word series and 40 other DVD's.  The Mr hasn't gone through them yet so he'll thin out as we reload.  We said there were a few that we would like to digitize and donate because we don't need a physical copy.  I'm going to put some studs under the unit to jack it all the way to the joists then strap it so it doesn't tip and hopefully, we can put any box sets in a plastic bin under it.  Then I got the screwdriver and hammer and beat the hell out of that thing until it was dismantled.  I should've worn my HRM because I'm sure I got about 200 calories in on that alone.

Right now, I'm all about that space, 'bout that space, no treble. 

My friend is coming over tonight so we can exchange birthday gifts and we can have a little alone time since she had to cancel the last time she was here.  It'll be nice to get a little time before we're thrown into bridal shower mode.  There was an "impromptu" bachelorette party thrown together 6 days prior and I declined.  The person has had 4 months to plan all of this and you give people 6 days notice?!  I'm sorry, it's my birthday weekend, I have plans and I'm not cancelling.  People can be...frustrating.  Then I was told her mom had some issues and had to go to the hospital the other night but is apparently better now.  I'll be able to see for myself the day after tomorrow.  At this point, I'm just praying if her health takes a turn for the worst that my friend can at least get her wedding and honeymoon in peace.  I think it will break her if she has to cancel/postpone her wedding again.

We got the house all cleaned up last night so I'll get in my early workout today assuming I can walk.  The workouts this week have been BRUTAL!  A lot of Hard Corps, the Transform 20 Shaun-a-Thon and Joel just being...Joel.  (I promise, BOD review coming in the next few weeks.  I just have to get over this hump!)

Do you still have DVD's or did you purge those eons ago?

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  1. Sounds like you are getting it done. I have not collected alot of DVDs over the years. The ones I have will need to be dealt with because my son will be building me a corner tv stand and the entertainment center will go bye bye.

  2. You don't realize how many DVD's you own until they are laid out like that. And actually since it's 2 rows deep it still isn't representative of how much space that actually takes up. Would love to go full digital but with that many it would take exactly 15,000 hours to convert them all and roughly 1 full terabyte of space to store at a decent quality. Yes I did the math. DVD rack for us!

  3. We went thru the DVD movies last winter because we switched storage.

    To be honest, I would have gotten rid of all of them. Son said he would have too. 100%.

    But girls and my husband convinced me that not everything is easily/free available. Most of what we have is not on Netflix or free on prime. When I started looking up titles, I realized how many movies are not there (free).

    All three of them did a DVD purge. This time we kept all the kids*. But eliminated duplicates and junk. I took rejects to resale video store and they bought about half (you might do that). It was not much $$$, but felt good to support a local store. I donated the rest, which also felt good.

    *Many years ago we donated all the VHS to the library. They wanted them for their inner city locations. 100 VHS, most of them Disney type children's Movies. They were very happy to get them.

  4. My daughters are both in friends’ weddings next year (May and July and our son is getting married in October, it is the year of the weddings).

    One of the friend’s maids of honor is not very organized. She would be doing last minute too. So my daughter is helping her plan/execute.

    I think being organized is a skill. And I agree it is very annoying to have people do last minute nonsense.

  5. I purged a bunch of DVD's and then had the hubs go through the ones I wasn't sure on and he got rid of a few more as well. Basically kept my favorite Disney ones. We now have one small drawer in our armoire with DVD's. Speaking of which I really really want to get rid of the armoire (it's gigantic and super heavy)that holds our super old giant tv so we can actually justify getting a flat screen in the living room. Now that I have my handy dandy portable DVD player, I just may treat myself to some Lady and the Tramp time one of these days.

  6. I stil have VHS tapes, but I boxed them all up this summer (2 large boxes worth) and am trying to find a place to recycle them b/c I can't bring myself to just throw them away. I do have a VCR that I haven't used for a couple years but still worked at that point. I did weed out my dvd's to about half of what I had.

    I'm that last minute person. I'd like to apologize to you on all of our behalf. We don't mean to be that way, we were just born unable to plan far ahead. I usually do everything last minute. My mom and I put together my wedding in about 6 weeks - we'd been engaged a year and a half and decided "hey, we should probably get married this summer". My original date was actually 2 weeks sooner than what we ended up with. We moved houses during that time too so...

    In my defense though - something like a bachelorette party/baby shower, etc. for someone else I would plan well in advance. If I had a friend that needed the lead time, I would give that to them and make those advance plans. Most of my friends are more likely to agree to plans if I call them the day before (or even hours before) and they can make a snap decision. If I ask way ahead of time there are too many variables and they'd rather decline than end up having to cancel later.


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