Friday, August 2, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #31

Happy happy Friday you sexy beasts!  I hope you've had a fun, productive, fabulous week and are ready to kick off the first weekend of August.  In case you missed it, we've been busy this week doing stuff like installing drywall, and mudding and taping said drywall.  I have probably inhaled enough nanoparticles to hack up a mug full of mud.  Mmm, visuals.

But enough of that, let's hack into...

Signs Intermittent Fasting Isn’t Doing Your Body Any Good   (For anyone going that route)

What Lifting Weights Does to the Harmful Fat Around Your Heart  (Holy crap!)

Hydrotherapy: How Water Can Help You Recover from Workouts  (From 😊 to 😵)

If You Set a Boundary, Expect to Deal with Anger  (Your boundaries are about you, not them.)

The 28 Best and Worst Foods at Trader Joe's  (Then they'll discontinue them so it won't matter.)

What Happens to Your Body After Losing 10 Pounds   (ROFL...they're still trying to fly the ol' "lose 10 lbs and go down a jean's size thing, eh?  PUHLEEZ!)

Big Show Says John Cena Motivated Him to Get Six-Pack Abs  (Aww, kind of sweet!)

How to Make a Very Long Straight Cut with a Hand Saw  (We're not going to, but I love her videos)

Easy Way to Install Door Trim  (This looks doable.)

Woman outraged by sign 'greeting' people in the community  (Is it the smartest sign ever?  No.  It's like part of me wants to laugh, but then the fraction of me that is trying to get beat down by oversensitive, PCers that can't take a joke or has to pick everything apart thinks I should clutch my pearls in outrage.  Just shake your head and move on like normal people and stop looking for reasons to be "outraged.")

How fireflies glow – and what signals they’re sending  (Pretty cool!  Isn't it funny how any other bug you're like "get away!!" but you see a lightning bug and immediately put your finger out for it to perch on?)

I don't know that we have specific plans, but they're ones that will likely strike fear in both of us as we realize we're getting to the parts of the remodel we've dreaded the most.  Too late to hire out?  Nope.  I'm sure that people couldn't do what I have in mind to my satisfaction. 

Me and my big ideas.  😳

What do YOU have planned this weekend?

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  1. Sounds like another "fun" weekend for us but it will be nice to start tackling the parts of our remodel that have the most unknowns for us just to see how it's all going to turn out. I am soo looking forward to being done and having a nice clean workout space again. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Good luck on your diy, looking forward to pics! Heading out to a bday chicago pizza night tonight then over to Iowa for a bridal shower and barbeque. Have a great weekend!

  3. First on my list is to somehow fix my printer that says it's connected to the network, but has suddenly disappeared when I try to print so now I need to set it up again. Can't deal with that right now. Waiting from call from mechanic to pick up my car so I can run the errands I couldn't do yesterday. So not how I wanted to start my day -- irritated, annoyed, and plain pissed off. LOL Just laundry, lawn cutting, grocery shopping, and the myriad of house chores that need to be done this weekend. Going to be very hot so will be indoors as much as possible.
    Good luck with your project and I hope it goes much better than you're anticipating. You'll be patting each other on the back for a job well done, I just know it!!

  4. "The 28 Best and Worst Foods at Trader Joe's (Then they'll discontinue them so it won't matter.)"

    I literally LOLed at that one. SO TRUE!


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