Friday, August 9, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #32

Good Friday to you all!  I hope the week has treated you well.  Yesterday on a middle of the night pee break, I could barely walk.  I knew leg day kicked my butt, but I think I pulled my back doing deadlifts.  I was so careful and didn't lift as heavy as I wanted.  It took about two hours to get the motivation to get out of bed after the heating pad turned off, and I had plans for the day downstairs.  A slow mosey down the stairs told me it was going to be a painful time of it, so I ate breakfast and iced my back to try to get things to calm down.  The Mr was rarin' to go and I was in a hissy with pain, so it didn't make for a great combo.  He got to measuring and cutting some wood wall planks.  Oh yeah, we didn't get enough either, so we need to go back to the store and get another box or two...only $100 a pop, ya know.  

I franken-boarded a few and glued them with clamps until they dried.  We were able to install two and a half, which was nice to feel like the next step was underway.  I did sand down most of the wall so it'd be ready for primer but need to go over it with the auto light first.  Then the Mr got called onto a conference call, and that was that.  We did get our delivery of our Pegasus Worx Table, and I am so glad we bought that thing!  Much bigger surface area than the one we have and those big ol' clamps are going to come in handy!

That's about it on our project progress, now let's get to...

Doctors Really Wish You'd Stop Listening To These Ridiculous Pieces Of Health Advice 
(Well, I wish doctors would listen period so nyaaaaaah!)

17 Ways Sitting Too Much Is Ruining Your Body   (Looks down...yep.)

30 foods that fight inflammation  (Calm things down)

Household Chemicals Causing Obesity  (Wish I could blame it on this.  My household chemicals have all been replaced and a good reason for everyone to consider natural brands.)

New Alzheimer's Test Could Detect Signs of Disease Decades Before Symptoms Show  (Given there is no cure and no effective treatment to significantly extend cognitive awareness, I don't think I'd want to know.  I know my quality of life would go down constantly worrying if walking into the kitchen and forgetting why I was there was normal or a sign of the big one.)

You Can’t Solve Other People’s Problems: How to Stop Trying to Change Others  (I've always been guilty of this especially when I give advice when asked, they don't follow it and come back and say "I should've listened to you."  In the past year or two, I've resorted to saying to myself, "not my circus, not my monkeys" and deal with my own problems unless specifically asked.)

How to give a eulogy that truly celebrates the person you’re honoring  (I've given two for my grandparents,  People always say "I don't know how you did that" but it's easy when you're talking  about people who were special to you and sharing memories.)

The Return of the Handwritten Letter   (Write a letter or card this weekend and start someone's week off on a happy note next week.  In these times of tragedy, something as simple as a handwritten note can restore faith in humanity.)

You Probably Forgot All About These '90s Cars  (Take a drive down memory lane.)

Hiker stalked by a cougar says Metallica song helped her escape  (I'd run too.  HA!  Here's the follow-up.)

You know where we'll likely be this weekend.  It really sucks though because this is the first weekend that is supposed to have light wind and low temps for summer standards and we haven't gone to a lake we always paddle in once a year.  Matter of fact, we haven't paddled at all.  Looks like it might not happen this year.  😞

Tell me you have some tomfoolery in your weekend plans so I can live vicariously through you!

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  1. I think we will have to eventually show pics of the "franken boarding" process just in case anyone is crazy enough, like us, to do a similar project. I am really bummed about not getting out on the water at all this summer. It went by unbelievably fast. Still, I want to get the basement done sooner rather than later so I am willing to sacrifice if it means we get a better workout space in the long run.

  2. Happy Friday!
    I am working remotely until noon then heading up north for some boating with a friend a see only a few times a year. Then off to Iowa once again for a cuzzo wedding.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. The hubs hasn't been able to kayak yet this year either. We just took out his waterproof pants my mom bought him and he said he really needs to try to get out on the river so he can take pics. I agree with you on the eulogies. When you love someone, it's very easy to share the reasons why. I wrote one and I have to say, when I look back to read it, I'm so happy with how it turned out. And considering the health issue I was in the middle of, God sure helped me put pen to paper because there was some good (and fun) detail in there.
    The hubs works tomorrow, so I'll grocery shop after a meeting I have in the morning. Then it's more decluttering and house stuff. I also have to put together my uncle's birthday bag for Monday's visit. And if the weather is nice out, then the pooches get a good walk and a fun ride in there too. =o)
    I hope your project goes smoother and you get a lot accomplished this weekend and can see awesome progress. And get some rest when you can!

  4. I finally finished my massive house upheaval (I wish I could cross words out like you do, lol) declusttering project. I already have to do a couple more small things, but I donated 12 boxes of stuff as well as 3 runs to the recycle center. I was suprised at how little I outright threw away, and I was happy about that.

    I understand wanting to be done with your basement project, but you guys value time on the water too. I hope that you find time to get out there before the weather turns too cold.

    I'm back to work Monday (boo) and wondering where my summer went.

    I have to hold my tongue about advice too. Especially when it's something I know something about, or I'm advising common sense and the other person just wants to do what they want to do. Not my monkeys no - but my circus theme mantra is "not my elephants, not my poop."

    I enjoyed the cougar article. Thanks for a that. That woman must have an amazing phone - my phone speaker wouldn't be loud enough to scare off a mouse.

    1. Congrats on the big house decluttering project!! That feels so good, doesn't it!? I hope we do too. I'm aiming for sometime in late September/early October in between other "have to do's." I always think of you when I see back to school commercials and figure they have to strike as much dread in teachers as they do kids! LOL I'm using the elephants phrase! I thought that was funny about the cougar and even cooler James Hetfield was nice enough to call her!


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