Monday, August 26, 2019

Reschedules, Binges and Showered Up

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you got into some mischief over the weekend!

We kicked off our weekend by dealing with HOA incompetency.  We're scheduled to get our driveway sealed while we were out of town the weekend before last which was awesome because it never works out that way for us.  Well, it didn't and they bumped someone ahead of us so we were switched to almost a week later.  We got the car moved and ready and...rain.  Reschedule date?  The day before our windows were scheduled to be installed so they couldn't park right in front of the house.  (Now THAT'S how it always works for us.  Welcome back!)  The Mr called to see if that was going to be an issue to walk it an extra 25 ft, it shouldn't be.  It was.  So we had to reschedule and of course, it's the day after my birthday so there's no rest for the wicked.  Not that birthdays mean much these days anyway but still.  Just one more thing we had to deal with that we shouldn't have if the HOA stuck to their own friggin' rules.

Friday I finished some nook and cranny stuff in the "cave."  The area under our stairs that went from light and open with no wall to dark, cave-like and feeling incredibly smooshed even though no space was lost other than walling it up.  Season three of 13 Reasons Why came out so we got our Netflix card for the next two months and fired it up.  I think we got four or five episodes in before calling it a night.

Saturday we got ready after the Mr did some studying and grabbed lunch.  We were close to a Hobby Lobby so we went in there and grabbed a few things before heading to Home Depot. 

How do I know we're meant to be?  The Mr picked this up and said "what do you think of when you see this?"
I responded in a nanosecond "Brady Bunch, Kings Island, the switched plans!"

We paid Grandma a visit and brushed off her stone and her neighbor since they don't bother.   We started in on a few more episodes, took a break to get some trash from the basement out of there, recycling out of the house, make dinner and then get back to who killed Bryce Walker.  We both agreed it was a pleasure watching Justin Prentice deliver as Bryce but the new character was friggin' annoying and was of course, in every episode.  We didn't feel the finale was a good pay off and I won't be in a hurry to watch next year if there's a season four since I can't really take these characters anymore.  Pfft.

Sunday we had our baby shower so that meant an early workout.  (Who has a baby shower at 5:30pm on a Sunday??)   It didn't end up being that early though.  We got Mt. Laundry folded and put away before the new batch was ready to make its way up.  We did Hard Corps Cardio 1 and LIIFT 4 week 8 Chest and Back.  That was a killer.  The Mr got to making his turkey for the week then I got in there to make brunch and we didn't end up eating until 2pm so I didn't have to worry about us being tempted by any food at the shower.   I grabbed a shower of my own and we got on our way to flex our discomfort muscles going into a house full of strangers except for the expectant mother.  Discomfort it was.  It was good to see her and we chatted for a few minutes with others but it was 3. HOURS. before we were told they weren't opening presents.  Um, that's what a shower is for!!  That's the pay off!  We were only planning on staying 90 minutes or so but kept sticking around for the promise of present opening.  Finally, when we said we were going to leave (we were one of the last ones there) the Mr mentioned something about not getting to see what people got them and she asked if we wanted her to open ours and we're like "YES!!!!"  Since it was a couples shower, I used that excuse to get a present from each of us.  A pack and play from me and a swing from him.  She was happy and said we spoil her but I was just glad to see her open it.  Is this a thing now?  Going to a shower and not opening presents?   I was glad to get time with her but I left with a blazing headache.

We did a small grocery run afterward and were more than thankful our workout was done, his lunch was made and we could kick back on what was left of the rest of the night.  I was glad to get some chill time this weekend because I know this week is going to be a cluster.  My friend's bridal shower is Saturday and she informs me casually the shower is NOT at the place on the invites but next door.  Um, you put one address on the invite, that is where your SIL's shower was and everyone will take your word for it so you're going to do what?  Put up a sign?  (Which is what I suggested she tell the people throwing it to do.)  I told her, I was going to show up with everything I'm supposed to bring and would've freaked out if I'd been told they didn't know what I was talking about.  So yeah, thank God she said something or I'd be standing there with 100 cookies and 50 pineapple favors and a huge gift and people looking at me like I was insane.  I just have to shake my head even though I think "this wouldn't have happened if IIIIIIIIIIIII was throwing your shower!" but hey, not my circus, not my monkeys.  I just have to keep my eye on the prize which is to have both showers done and over with.  I don't mean that in a mean way, there's just been a lot of anxiety over both of them and it comes at a time that's already crammed full of stuff and it's two showers in less than a week so yeah.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I had been looking forward to the shower but wow was that awkward. So glad we were there for our friend but if we'd been told she wasn't going to formally open presents in front of everyone I think we would have bowed out of it. At least it was a nice day outside so we were comfortable from a temparature standpoint.

  2. Sounds like a full weekend! I've been to a shower like that where I waited hours and the didn't open gifts. I've also been to a "display" shower where you dont wrap anything and just set your gift on a table for display. I prefer them open if I know most of the guests, but not if I only know the bridevor mama. My mom's bestie always excuses herself and leaves when it's time to open the gifts. She just says I don't do gifts I'm going to leave now. She does give a gift she just doesn't want to watch all of the opening lol. My baby from Washington made his move home to St Louis and on to my house this weekend. Both my boys were home for the first time since Christmas. They got to work on my to do list on Saturday morning. I got a new refrigerator so that meant that the garage needed a spot cleaned out to put my old one. That was a trip as I feel like they thought I was a hoarder. I found myself justifying everything I wanted to keep. Needless to say, the garbage man and Scrappers have a full day for them tomorrow morning. My older son weeded my pond area and got out a lot of roots. They installed a handrail going down to the basement and it added extra handles for my pocket door. They also replaced cracked and broken pavers in my patio and sidewalk. I've been battling a nasty cold so I slept on and off. We went out for a disappointing dinner on Saturday night. I made them breakfast and they continued on their chores Amazon my older one left to go back to St Louis. It was a weekend of Celebration as my youngest son Snahged a job offer on Friday. He will be here until Thursday and then off to St Louis. So good to see him. Have a great week

  3. It was a good weekend of getting a few things done, enjoying a long drive in the country for a change with the weather being so nice, and some much needed rest. Have three appts this morning and it'll be a busier week at work, but all very manageable. Have a super week!

  4. The weekend was kind of dull - the usual housework/errands/grading mess. I did get together with a friend Saturday night though so that was nice.

    The driveway sounds about par for the course for you guys. I'm sorry.

    Opening gifts at showers always seems weird to me, I always feel awkward about it - like it's a competition or something. At my shower I was super uncomfortable. I got used to it and now it seems weird not to open gifts at the shower - but it's a good change as far as I'm concerned. Most of the showers I'm invited to are for co-workers and they are always come and go which I like so much better than the traditional ones with games.

    Crud - that reminds me. I have a shower on Wednesday for a favorite co-worker. I need to decide what I'm getting her. She has an amazon list so I just need to choose something. I was waiting to see what other items got purchased before I make my choices.


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