Friday, August 16, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #33

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you're ready for the weekend and have something fun planned!  It's been a week around here and our frustrations got the better of us.   It's interesting that it happened given what we're doing this weekend but I'll get into that next week.

Thankfully, the boards we were crossing our fingers on seem to be working out and it signified the end of the most difficult parts of the refresh.  (I don't even know what to call this.  It's not really a full-blown reno, it's not really a RE-fresh because it's never been fresh to begin with.)  The rest of everything that needs to be done are tedious things and decorating that the Mr doesn't need to be involved in and I think that's just in time.

But enough of this DIY clusterf**k I've created and get to...

If a Doctor Only Tells You to Lose Weight, Consider a Second Opinion   (So infuriating.  She'd potentially be gone if she hadn't gotten it!)

How to Let Go of Fear of Failure  (Jump in!)

You Don't Have to Stop Running If You Get a Side Cramp! Try These Techniques Instead  (I always called it "pulling a fat roll" and I call BS on the way they suggest getting rid of it.)

100 Home Repairs You Don’t Need to Call a Pro For   (Some good tips and tricks in there!)

You Won't Be Able to Board a Plane Next Year if Your ID Doesn't Meet New Rules  (Even if you don't think you'll need to fly, death or an emergency could change that and you'll be grounded for real if you don't renew!  We're both renewing ours this week.  Mine needs it but he is 2 years early.  You also need a crap ton of identification now so check your local DMV before you go.)

4 Key Changes That Helped Reverse My Crippling Negative Body Image  (Put 'em into practice!)

Doing These 5 Things Can Lower Your Alzheimer’s Risk by 60 Percent   (Excellent info for those of us who are genetically predisposed.)

What It's Like To Grieve A Parent You Didn't Like  (Not everyone has a great relationship with those who gave them life.)

Family Sues After Video Shows Nursing Home Workers Taunting Elderly Dementia Patient  (I would be in jail if these b*tches did that to my grandma.)

The Week of Peak Disco  (God I miss disco...SO. MUCH.)

Bill Murray Explains Why He Created a Secret 1-800 Number to Be Reached About Roles  (I would do the exact same thing in his shoes.  OG move right there.)

I can't believe this place is still for sale  (This is my dream property,  and a business to sustain the mortgage!  I could see charging location fees for photographers to take perfect pics in the Fall.  Sigh...I'd give anything move there.)

We have an outing that has been planned for months.  It hit at a crappy time as far as getting things done downstairs but much needed for mental health and reconnecting in a way that doesn't involve rubber mallet raised over our heads at each other.

What do you have going on this weekend?

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  1. I hope it's a great weekend for you guys! Take a break from the basement biz for a couple of days and get out in some daylight/sunshine (aka window views).
    The poor hubs has to work again tomorrow and he's not happy because it went from a volunteer list (that was almost full) to mandatory for all three shifts that they put up yesterday. 60 hours again. Sheesh. So I'm going to do the grocery shopping today so he doesn't have to deal with that on his one day off on Sunday. Tomorrow I go to a meeting, then to the burbs to meet a couple of friends for lunch. It's at a buffet that the one friend loves, and I'll be able to find something to eat that will work (soup and salad bar?), but it's in my old hometown, and I dread that because of people I know who still live there. So I have a wee bit of anxiety, but nothing that will ruin my mood. The rest of the weekend will be finishing up clearing space for the window guys next week. I am SO glad we got the lawn done yesterday because it's going to be rainy and humid this weekend, whereas yesterday was a really comfortable weather day.

  2. The irony is not lost on me either. I am glad we got those boards to work and they look like they belong which is even more gratifying in the end. I guess we were meant to find those things even with the challenge we knew it would be to use them.

    I am so glad we are at the stage where, no offense, I can bow out and focus on studying for my test more now. I have less than a month at this point so it is time for me to start cranking up the study time even further. But first, I am ready for a weekend with no studying because I have fried my brain already. I think a nice weekend off will be just what I need to boost learning the rest of the time. Have a great weekend everyone!

  3. I'm babysitting a beloved child tonight, golf outing tomorrow, then the 500 mile trek to get Mom back home from Iowa. Have an amazing time this weekend!

  4. I renewed my license this spring. I think it's one of the new ones (it has a star) but I did it through the mail and the article says you can't do that. I do have a passport though, so if I have to fly I will just make sure to throw that in. Thank you for telling us about this, I fly so rarely that I didn't know about this.

    I'm glad you guys are getting a break from your project this weekend. This weekend for me... Today is the county fair for a few hours, the rest of the weekend is household stuff and getting ready for school Monday. If I plan it right (which I never do) I will have Sunday as a day of total relaxation and get everything done on Saturday. We had a training yesterday that I know we are expected to implement right away, but I had already done my lesson plans for week one so I wouldn't have to go in this weekend. I have to decide which I value more - my weekend off that I worked really hard to make happen, or pleasing my boss.

    I hope you guys have a great weekend!


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