Friday, April 26, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #17

Howdy do all?  It's Friday and you know what that means:

(Friday Happy Dance brought to you by Wham! and
It also means we're beboppin' right into...

10 Trendy Superfoods Nutritionists Say You Can Skip   (Don't take my bone broth yo.)

Eat These 3 Nutrients Daily To Protect Your Eyes & Brain From Screen Time  (Good to know, we're all at risk.)

Your Biggest Hydration Questions—Answered!  (Water.  Yay.)

Your Lettuce Says It's "Triple Washed and Ready to Eat," but Is It Really Safe?   (Good info in time for salad season.)

The Best Stretches You Can Do With a Resistance Band  (Nothing better than that hamstring stretch!)

50 Science-Backed Health Facts That Will Blow Your Mind   (#6...thanks a lot mom.)

Never Take a Bath in a Hotel Tub—and 5 Other Vacation Don'ts  (You couldn't PAY me enough to bathe in a hotel bathtub.  Those things are nasty!)

Hate Thick, Goopy Sunscreens? Powder SPF Will Be Your New Best Friend  (Some good choices for yo face.)

15 pro travel tips no one ever tells you  (Definitely some helpful info)

You Can Now Live Out Your Fantasies ‘Under the Sea’ With Mermaid Lessons at Disney World  (Let out your inner Ariel)

Joyful Video of a Dog Getting a New Puppy  (Black Dog:  "I will love him and squeeze him and pet him and call him George!"  Box Puppy:  "Put the lid back on!!!!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!")

We've got a bunch of stuff to get done tonight and tomorrow shall be a happy day because we're off to see my bestie!  Can't wait to have lunch and shoot da chit for a little bit, we're gonna need it!

What's on your agenda for the weekend?

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  1. After last weekend went by so fast I am so ready for this one. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. I'm going to see my bestie too! Enjoy

  3. And my bestie is coming to town!! Yippee!!! And wouldn't you know's been in the 60's and 70's the ENTIRE week, and tomorrow we're stuck in the 40's with possible SNOW!! It's insane! I am soooooo looking forward to this visit with lots of laughs, good food, and great conversation. Safe travels! xoxoxo

  4. Great reads as always! Have a great weekend!


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