Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thankful Thursday

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I got my all clear from the doc for the mammogram.  I was 99.9% sure it was since the tech showed me the scans.  As someone who's gotten the "we need to do another one" call twice in four years, you can bet your sweet bippy I've looked at my share of what not so great mammogram films look like online.  One thing she did say when she was looking at the side view was "dang, look at those pec muscles girl!  You can tell you workout!" and you could.  Well defined muscle trying to hold onto what gravity is trying to reclaim.  Nice to know it's hiding under there somewhere!  I am irritated that they sent the results to my OLD doctor...who is no longer open...despite me giving them the new doctors name and address.  I've got a note in through the online system and I'm hoping someone fixes it.  I don't need one more thing on my plate to take care of someone else's incompetence.

My chicken pox localized outbreak is hopefully turning a corner.  Sunday and Monday the itching and swelling were unbearable.  I tried prescription cream we had which I don't like to use because it has five parabens in it...FIVE.  I didn't even know there were five until I read that.  That didn't work.  I tried ladies Anti-Monkey Butt, and the calamine did help calm it a bit but not for long.  The only thing that did work was Beekman 1802's unscented goat milk lotion.  The second I put it on, the itch was totally gone and lasted all day.  I put it on before bed and when I get up and haven't had a problem.  So if you have a case of the itchies for whatever reason, get that stuff fo' sho!

The Mr has been having a rough two weeks.  Work and home computer demands, doctors appointments, dealing with both mothers in one day, getting our cars innards in and out of appointments and generally having no downtime is weighing on him.  I'm hoping he can take a day and just do what he wants to clear his mind and refocus.  I've been frazzled myself trying to get a bunch of crap done by deadlines, and I'm so not feeling Easter Sunday.  I desperately want to say "remember how y'all took a pass last year?  I'm taking my pass this year, we've got too much stuff to get done" but I took a pass for Christmas so...  Is it wrong I was hoping the doc would tell me the pox were contagious and I couldn't go?  It's not that I don't want to see them, it's that we've got a long list and short window right now and the holiday couldn't have fallen at a worse time plus we just saw them all a month ago at Grandma's memorial.  At least there everyone had to be on their best behavior and now it'll be every man for himself.  I think we'll try to keep it to a 2-3 hour max.  One of the family members leaves 2 hours after the starting point for the airport so I might see if we can piggyback on that to get some shizz done.

We've had our butts handed to us by my Beachbody on Demand schedule.  The amount of hopping and modified burpees we're doing is insane.  We're using folding chairs to reduce the body weight percentage, and I can't imagine not modifying and having the full weight of this bod slamming down the way it does with those things.  I will be glad for tomorrow's lighter cardio session with Slim in 6's Cardio Sculpt Express.  I will probably be doing a review of BOD in July.  Our April/May calendars are already planned, and Joel Freeman and Shaun T released a LIIFT 4/Transform 20 hybrid calendar that we'll be doing for June.  It looks like we'll get our butts handed to us and somehow I'm oddly looking forward to it.  I'm sure I won't feel the same come day four.

What workout hands you your butt?

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  1. I am so glad you got your mammogram done and got the all clear, especially without the added stress of having a call back. So it sounds like this new place is the right fit for you.

    I really am looking forward to this weekend because I have had that candle burning at both ends feeling lately at work and I need a good break. So it's funny how on one hand the beach body on demand workouts have been giving me the stress relief I need, they are also breakin' me down a bit and I'm ready for a recovery day or two. That LIIFT4 leg workout we did would be the one I would count as the workout that hands my butt to me.

  2. Congratulations on getting the all-clear on your mammogram!! That is AWESOME!!!

    The hydrotrak is really giving me a challenge in a good way. I'd be further along if it weren't for the month I had to take it slower from falling on the ice. But yesterday I was at 2.81 miles at 5.6 mph with the jets on high for added resistance. In the water it always makes it seem easy...until I get on land and realize my legs are like cement. Lol Then I took the dogs for a walk afterwards, then an hour of grocery shopping so I wouldn't have to do it over the holiday weekend, and my knee was done by that point.


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