Tuesday, April 2, 2019

No Foolin' Weekend Recap

If you're anything like me, I stay off the internet as much as possible on April Fools Day so I figured I'd continue that tradition and not post yesterday.  There's nothing more aggravating to me than wasting your time reading an article only to get to the end and read "April Fools!"

We went to the Mr's hometown Saturday and it was a crappy weather day.  We knew that going in but we were still hoping for a break somewhere but it was varying degrees of drizzle to hammering downpour.  We went to our favorite local pizza place and it was a bit of a miss this time.  The big disappointment was they changed their breadsticks which used to be pillowy and delicious into knots which are hard and look like poop emojis.  We get this once a year (maybe twice) and it stinks when you've been saving up for it and it's not great.  Even my dessert place tanked so it's off my list permanently because I'm not wasting calories on something that isn't worth it.  Thankfully, the Mr's places didn't let him down and that's all I cared about anyway.  We visited his dad and it was pretty squishy at the cemetery from the rain and it started picking up and temps dropped so it was a short visit.  I asked for a ton of guidance and protection from him for the Mr.  We drove by the usual haunts and his old high school had a full parking lot so I suggested we try to get in.  Unfortunately, none of the doors were open but I figured it was worth a try.  The trip home was awful, it was driving rain pretty much the whole way.

Sunday we slept in because we had a pretty bad night's sleep plus with all of the clouds still hanging around, it didn't invite us to rise and shine.  I was glad I had some leftover lasagna with my low sodium pasta sauce from the previous weekend in the freezer.  It was nice to be able to heat it up and throw together a quick salad for lunch.  We headed over to the cemetery to see Grandma since it'd been a year since we laid her to rest there.  Her flowers were looking a little worse for wear with all of the whipping wind the previous three days.  As I straightened them and wound them together for a tighter composition between the three bouquets, the sun came out for a brief second as if to say hello and give her approval.  She'd been very active the day before and that day with signs galore so we knew she was there.  I'm still going to have to find a double sided garden flag stand because the one-sided just does not stay put the way I want it to.  Then we headed over to the grave of a friend of mine who was killed our freshman year.  I found a note from her that we passed in class in middle school where she was talking about cutting her sister's hair and how bad of a job she did.  I made copies of it for the mom and sister and put a note in with it and triple bagged it and tied it to the vase on her grave.  I knew they'd been there recently because they always bring parts of a tree from her childhood home so I'm hoping they come back soon.  Then it was off to the final grocery store.  We went to a different location closer to the cemetery hoping that our disdain for the place was maybe due to the people.  Nope, sucks regardless of location.  I'm pretty sure we forgot stuff since the layout is totally different and all you want to do is get the heck outta there but we got the main stuff.

When we got home, we needed to work out.  As I was getting changed, the 2 hours sleep I got was catching up to me and the Mr said he felt it too.  We laid down on the workout mats for 15 minutes and while he napped a little, I just couldn't.  I popped up and we did the Core De Force Power Sculpt with modifications.  Dinner was a Beyond Meat burger and a small potato.  We settled in and watched some episodes of Hot Ones and our last Bill Burr stand up special.  It tanked badly.  We both agreed that if we'd started with that one of the four we've watched over the past few weeks, we probably wouldn't have gotten through the whole thing.  When the audience is nervously laughing or not laughing at all, you know it's bad.

How was your weekend?

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  1. It was good to get out of town for a mini road trip and I am glad my old go-to food spots didn't let me down, but I am sorry that yours kind of messed up. I'm hoping the pizza place just had an off day. I hate when that happens.

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend. Mine was a whole lot of nothing, but I did get together with a couple of former co-workers for supper Saturday night. We try to get together every couple months, but it had been since last summer - so it was good that we finally made the effort. Time just flies by.

    I'm not a fan of April Fool's either. Fortunately yesterday was pretty mild.

  3. Sorry the weather was so crappy. That makes for a very long drive when you're trying to see through the rain. My weekend was good. Saturday was a super productive day and I was tickled to get all the laundry done and put away, including towels and blankets. I took care of numerous chores and felt good at the end of the day. Sunday was more low key and after grocery shopping, I puttered around doing a few things, but that was it. I gave myself a rest day and that felt good. Yesterday I did my hydro session (5.1 mph for 2.5 miles) and then took the pooches on our first walk of the season at the park. It was super windy and they loved it for all the smells in the air. lol We enjoyed a nice nap after lunch. =o)


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