Friday, April 12, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #15

Happy Friday all!  I hope you're all ready for the weekend and those of you in the path of the storm are digging/drying out okay. 

Let's dig into...

Do Supplements Cause Cancer? Here's What a New Study Says  (For those taking them)

The Best And Worst Health Fad Foods, According To Nutritionists  (Good to know)

Hormel Lawsuit Reveals What ‘Natural’ Meat Really Means  (It means the word natural means absolutely nothing and you should read a label more carefully.  Those same "natural" pigs are apparently going into your Spam too.)

3 Important Life Skills Nobody Ever Taught You  (...but you should totally know!)

How to Save Important Voicemails for Both iPhone and Android  (I'm so glad I have so many from my grandma.)

9 Tricks to Keep Your Metabolism Revving   (Vroom vrrroooom!)

5 Ways You Can Unclog a Toilet Bowl Without a Plunger  (I had to laugh and this is TMI but I swear the first thing I do on a vacay is put down the suitcase and wreck a toilet.  It's not even like I pass a Buick either!  The Mr has had to call maintenance on more than one occasion while I hid in shame.  Niagara Falls has a friggin' natural cistern out front but no water pressure in damn hotel rooms across the street!)

6 signs you're a better person than you think you are   (Getting there.)

‘Carol Burnett’ star Tim Conway ‘unable to make his own health care decisions’ as family settles dispute  (This breaks my heart, he was my favorite.  This is also why I have spoken about how important it is for the family to be on the same page regarding the care of the patient.  When a stepparent is involved, the adult children often feel like they must go along with what the spouse wants even if it's not in the best interest of the patient or they could be denied access to their parent.  Speaking from experience.)

German chocolate factory spill makes for sweet street  (Not ashamed to say I would probably rocket down this slip and slide style with my mouth open the whole way.)

Live your National Lampoon movie dreams with the Family Truckster   (That's today!  We all know it's not a true replica unless "honky lips" is spray painted on the back fender.  If you're offended by that, you're at the wrong blog.)

It's our last full weekend with nothing specifically planned.  Since we're going to our docs late morning/early afternoon, the Mr is taking 1/2 day off today so I think we're going to Trader Joe's and Target early.  It'll be nice to have it done early since TJ's seems to be a popular hangout for douches on Friday night.  (Us excluded, of course.) 

Whatchu got on tap this weekend?

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  1. Looking forward to being off work today for sure and enjoying an early start to the weekend. Have a great weekend everybody!

  2. Good luck this morning with your exam!!

    I, too, have an open weekend this week and I'm looking forward to it. The hubs is having car issues so I'll be meeting him at the mechanic's after work to take him home. I have house stuff to do this weekend and some yard stuff if the weather cooperates. Enjoy a great weekend!


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