Monday, April 8, 2019

Walking Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend and you were able to get out and about.  We had a very active weekend.  We went to lunch on Saturday, and it was right next to a park, so we walked for about 20 minutes to get the digestion rollin'.  Then off to a newly reopened vintage store and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this: 

Given we visited Billings Farm in Woodstock, VT in December, I knew I had to have this.  I was getting tired of my logs wrecking the wall in my coal bucket, and this works a little better.  I put felt on the bottom so the metal wouldn't scrape the floor.  It's so surreal to think this large bottled milk crate came from the very creamery we visited.  We went shopping for some tops for me for vacation, but they all look like stuff for fat old women.  Don't think I don't see the irony and though I may BE a fat, getting old woman, I have zero desire to dress like it.  After several places and fitting rooms, I was done and came out with nothin'.   Oh well.  We perused the video store and couldn't find anything new we were in the mood to see when I spied Porky's.  We were both too young when it came out to see it in its heyday and saw bits and pieces on TV so decided to rent it since every T&A movie is compared to it.  Wow...super tame given the ones that came out inspired by it in the following 5-7 years!  

Sunday was supposed to be rainy all day, but it looked like it was holding off, so I suggested we go on a walk.  We left around 10am and walked the historic district for almost 4 miles.  Then I wanted to see if some of these trees at another park I liked were in bloom, but they weren't.  We still enjoyed walking it anyway.

We saw seven deer that were all pretty skittish and these two little girls came running up to us with their mom afterward to tell us all about it.  Pretty cute.  We weren't the only ones in love with being out in nature.

We grabbed some groceries then headed back to the house where I made turkey and sprout sammies with pineapple spears and a salad.  We had to go back out to Home Depot for a few things, so we ended up getting in over 6 miles.  That wasn't what we had on the workout schedule, but I didn't think we could incorporate leg day in there too so we'll just bump the schedule by a day. 

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. It was quite an active weekend and very nice to get out in nature. I love seeing the seasonal changes especially this time of year just before everything blooms. As always the only complaint is that the weekend went by too fast.

  2. That is so cool yo find that heart!
    I was able to get out in the yard and do some raking and cleanup of two of my garden beds. I took my little to a Bulls game. Someone donated VIP seats to the organization and we won them in the raffle. Wow, it was cool to live like the rich people for a day! Have a great week!

  3. I worked on taming my jungle and turning it back into a yard. The front yard was in decent shape, but the weeds in the backyard snuck up on me. I gave up the war with them a couple years ago, and just try to keep them mowed short. In a matter of about 2 weeks I went from winter kill to amost knee deep. So the mower and I both got in a workout there. The funny thing is that after years of fighting those stupid weeds and finaly surrendering - I actually have grass growing back there that's choking out a lot of the weeds, and the weeds that are still growing are better weed than the ones I had before.

  4. Love the log crate!! My weekend was good. Went to a craft show and got a few fun things and enjoyed lunch with my friend who was in town. The hubs had bought my red mulch while I was out so I was thankful to have that ready to go (of course, I have to rake out my current mulch and plant some flowers and then re-mulch, so that will take a couple of weeks to complete). Sunday we grocery shopped, I did all the laundry and took care of a lot of ticky tack stuff that always piles up, so that felt good to get that done. Got my exercise in and felt good. I got virtually no sleep last night so I'm in for it today. Leaving for hydro now and have errands to run before walking the dogs at the park (74 degrees today!), so I'll be needing a nap this afternoon no doubt.


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