Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Hump Day Poll: Basket case

It's almost Easter.  Why did it have to be so late this year!?  Yeesh.  The Mr and I were perusing the Easter candy aisle and we were talking about the kind of Easter candy we used to get as kids.  I went through a phase of only wanting a white "chocolate" bunny...thank God I outgrew that.  I still like white chocolate but yeah.  We saw those really cheap chocolate bunnies.  You know the ones I'm talking about...cheapest chocolate known to man with big meth eyes.

(This truly creepy AF gif brought to you by

My mom was a single mom and those ended up in my basket one or two years in a row and when they got thrown away and all of the other candy eaten, I think she got the hint.  I would eat the ears, go up and retch then pretend I was saving it and it would end up in the trash.  I felt horrible but I would rather have one good chocolate bunny and no other candy than subpar chocolate.  I think when I was really little, I had some of those gross orange circus peanuts in my bag and took a bite and spit it out on the spot so the older adults ate them.  These days my favorites are the Lindt hollow bunny (so I don't go TOO overboard) and the Reese eggs that are done Cadbury style as far as the look.  They have a better chocolate to peanut butter ratio.  LOL

What were your favorite and least favorite treats in your Easter basket as a kid?

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  1. We would always get a chocolate bunny from a local mom and pop type of chocolate factory in town and thankfully that place is still in business and I can still get one - of course I get a much smaller one now, which is fine. But that is my favorite!

    I remember we'd always visit my Grandma on my Dad's side around Easter time since she and Grandpa lived a couple hours away and she always made sure to give us one of those chocolate eggs that would be filled with maple cream, etc. I was not a big fan of maple so that one would be my least favorite, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't eat it anyway out of respect for Grandma.

    My parents would also always give us some kind of toy, usually something shared, that they would hide. For whatever reason, the Easter that my brothers' and I got a huge box of Lincoln Logs really stands out because I was the one who found the box hiding behind the living room curtains.

  2. Anyone remmeber L'Eggs - the pantyhose that came in plastic eggs? Well my mom would collect them and then we'd get an egg filled with jelly beans in our basket - which was great because they were larger than your typical plastic egg for holding candy. But the best part...if you left at least one jelly bean in your egg by Wednesday, you'd wake up Thursday to a completely full egg again! Worst treats - anything 'white chocoloate' - blech.

  3. I do remember the L'eggs pantyhose! My mom had those for years. lol

    My favorite that I remember were the Brach's solid chocolate eggs (Hershey's does them now in a bag...very similar) and Peep Marshmallows. Back then you could ONLY get them at Easter and only in yellow and possibly pink if I recall. I lived for the peeps!

  4. I'm a Cadbury Crème Egg lover now and as a child. Those were like gold when they made an appearance in my basket. They were treasured and savoured. I've been working hard to stay away from them now since they have been in the stores for like two months already. I'll pick myself up a few after Easter when they find their way into the discount section.

    As for worst candy, I always hated jelly beans, especially the ones at Easter. I don't like the flavours associated with the Easter colors. The same goes for gummy candies, like gummy rabbit heads. Even now I'm picky about the flavours of jelly beans and gummy candies that I eat. And I always found that any hollow chocolate was a disappointment at Easter. I was and will always be a fan of solid chocolate bunnies and eggs.


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