Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Hump Day Poll: You Eat WHAT!?!

People like weird food combos.  Always have, always will.  Some are happy accidents like a ketchup touching your mac and cheese and suddenly mac and cheese doesn't taste right without ketchup.  Stares at hipster restaurants be damned.

Then there are combos you eat in the dark corners of your house where no one can see.  This is mine:

That is A1 steak sauce on cottage cheese.

I know, sounds heinous, tastes delicious.  I probably have it a few times a year but cottage cheese doesn't taste like cottage cheese without it to me thanks to my aunt.  I used to love A1 so much as a kid that Grandma bought me a 6 pack of it as a side gift for graduation.  (Her bottles would always get lower after a visit from me.)  Like the Mr said, you don't appreciate how expensive A1 is until you had to start paying for it yourself!  😂

What is your favorite "weird" to others food combo?

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  1. I thought you were crazy when you first told me about this combo, but then I tried it. Wow is it good! I suppose the only weird combo I bring to the table is I like to eat pretzels with orange juice. Just pop a few pretzels in your mouth and swig some juice and let it all melt together. Yum!

  2. I can't think of anything "weird" that I eat, because if it was weird I wouldn't eat it right?

    I like honey in my coffee and I don't know anyone else who does, but I know that's not really uncommon. I dislike smooth mashed potatoes, I want them to have chunks of potato in them, and if there's corn I can mix in I'm even happier. When my son was a toddler he liked to dip his bananas in ranch dressing, but I never felt the desire to try that.

  3. I do like mashed potatoes and corn a lot, as well as the occasional bologna sandwich with sweet pickles on it. That combo is just really good in a way regular pickles aren't.

  4. Just remembered something my mom used to eat for years at the movie theater... Junior Mints and popcorn together.

  5. I like Reese's Pieces in my movie popcorn - I have a friend who prefers M&M's in hers - but I think that's awful. We always put ketchup on scrambled eggs when I was a kid but now ketchup is totally yuck to me in any capacity (although I have no other issues with tomatoes - go figure). I'm intrigued by A-1 on cottage cheese - I'll have to give that a try.

  6. My kids all eat a lot of ranch dressing, on all kinds of normal things like veggies, which is not weird here, but it is in other countries. No ranch, many other places.

    And too much liquid for carry on luggage to take a bottle when they go, as house gift. I guess they could take powdered mix.

    Ditto with peanut butter. Hard to find American version in a lot of other countries.

  7. Mayo and parmesan sandwich. It comes from living in a college dorm without a car and being too far from the nearest grocery store. I also ate a lot of instant rice with canned green beans, canned pineapple and ham.

    I'm very intrigued by your cottage cheese and A1 combo. I know cottage cheese is a great way to get low fat protein but I can never get through a pint before it molds. Never thought of using mixers. I may have to give it a go.

  8. Bread and butter pickle slices on chunky peanut butter, on whole grain toast, drizzled with maple syrup. Delicious!

  9. I love potato chips and cottage cheese! My husband gives me a hard time about putting A-1 on a good steak. I always tell him it's not that the steak needs it, it's just that I like A-1. I'd never ask for it in a nice steakhouse though.

  10. I like to dip fast food french fries in a thick vanilla shake. So delicious! (Currently I'm not eating fast food of any kind, but back in the day....) Of course in Nebraska where I live, it is common place to serve cinnamon rolls with a bowl of chilli.

  11. A1 and cottage cheese is the best!!!!!!


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