Monday, November 12, 2018

Whirlwind Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning everyone! 

My Lord, it was a busy weekend...again.  Friday was grocery night and we went to Trader Joe's and Target the first part of the late afternoon into early evening.  We picked up our turkey that I always make and that mutha was big so fitting everything into the fridge was fun.  Then we went down and worked out because we knew if we didn't, it'd be too tempting to skip.  We went down and did T25 which handed us our butts then it was time for dinner and back out for our last two grocery stores.  When we got home, we knew we had more crap that wasn't going to fit with that behemoth turkey in the fridge so I cut my veggies for our beef stew and he cut my veggies for the week.  By the time we were done, it was 11:30pm and we were ready to pass out.  I think we went up around midnight. 

OH but grandpa's wife finally gave me an idea so I'm finally DONE Christmas shopping!! 

I couldn't sleep past 6am but laid around until 8am then got up and did some work.  Even though I did a ton of prep work the night before, putting the stew together took longer than expected so we got going a little later than we wanted.  We stopped at a park along the way and enjoyed the few leaves that were hanging on.

We wandered around and found an arcade and the Mr and I played Ms. Pacman.  Before we left, the Mr did his usual.

He likes to put get change for a dollar in tokens and leave it for (hopefully) some kid to find.  We both remember how awesome it was to find a token or two in the change return as kids at the arcade.  It was like hitting the jackpot.  There were four kids in there when we left so hopefully they split it between two of them.  (Because you know, four tokens only gets you TWO games to play instead of four.  Jerks.)

We went shopping a little after lunch and when we stopped by a place to grab hot chocolate, the Mr pointed out this sign and we both cracked up which is why it's blurry.

Sunday I did a LOT of work from basically 9:30am until 5pm which kind of sucked.  The Mr pulled some dead plants up and threw them away and put up the outdoor lights since it was a nice day weather-wise.   He had a pretty nasty headache going on all day.  We had brunch in between and I also baked the monster turkey.

Look at that breast!  (That's what he said.)  Got it all cut up and will Food Save it to enjoy through the season.  (affiliate link)  Then there was no rest for the wicked and we had to go down and do our strength workout and then had dinner after and collapsed into a heap.

I have a crap ton of online work to do today so my twitch should set in soon.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. I had a class on Saturday. I have to earn so many credits to maintain my license, and I've found this series of classes that's actually pretty great. That meant a weekend out of town though, and a 3 hour drive on either end. I got back early afternoon yesterday, and melted into the couch as soon as I did the bare minimum. Tonight I'll have to finish laundry and put together a lasagna for a co-worker.

  2. Yeah it was a whirlwind alright. Went by kind of fast too, as usual. But I did have a great time and am glad we got some Christmas festivities in. Also nice to have the Christmas lights up before it gets any colder.

  3. What a beautiful park! My weekend was pretty good. Had a fantastic meeting on Saturday, then went grocery shopping and did laundry and did odds and ends until football Saturday night. Yesterday was more low key and finished up some Christmas shopping before making dinner and settling in early since the hubs had an early start this morning. Had a long visit with an acquaintance today so my plan of making chicken noodle soup is now postponed until tomorrow since I still have all the chopping to do. I'm bone tired so I'm thinking I'll be having cereal for dinner tonight. =o)


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