Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Hump Day Poll: Have You Started?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she said she was 90% done with her Christmas shopping just like me.  Another friend was talking about the scads of Christmas shopping she was doing so I thought I'd make that today's fun poll.

Have you started holiday shopping yet?  When do you like to be done? (Or try to be done)

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  1. I'm done! All wrapped up too and that is awesome.

  2. I have gifts for the three friends (outside of family) that I buy for. I need to wrap them, and I need to find a birthday present for one of them (her bday is the 21st). I haven't started family shopping yet, but I won't have a whole lot to buy. I need to get on it, but I will probably wait until early December.

  3. This is the earliest I've had most of mine done. I bought some stuff in the summer, so that's been ready to go. I have a friend who's birthday is two days before Christmas so I have a little extra to buy for her. I'd say I'm about 85% done (I have a few more things to get for the hubs, which I'm ordering this week) and just have to wrap. My goal is to be done before vacation so I can look at the pretty packages and sing with glee that all my wrapping paper is put away. LOL

  4. We just got our names from my husband's side of the family (we draw names). I know I want to get my mother in law a tea set, but holy $$

    1. I host afternoon teas and I get all of my stuff from this place: I hope they have a set you might like for her at a reasonable price!

  5. Haven't even started and have no clue what I am buying this year. So not ready for Christmas!

  6. Both my partner and I have started our shopping. He mostly just buys for his son, it is our year to be Santa, and the name he draws from his extended family. I've started my shopping for his son and my mother. I just set my holiday present budget, received my nieces' wish lists, and I'm still waiting on my mum's wish list. Now I'll wait and start looking for sales and for Giving Tuesday (I make a donation in my father & step-mother's name as their present). I probably won't be 100% finished until the week before Christmas. There are always last minute stocking stuffers to pick up.

  7. Our family started drawing names and that hasn't been done yet so I haven't bought anything aside from the yarn I'm using to make gifts for my niece and nephew. I'm behind on making doughs too but hoping to work on that this weekend.


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