Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Food Review: Boom Chicka Pop Frosted Sugar Cookie Popcorn

A month ago, I saw some article that Boom Chicka Pop was going to have a few holiday flavors and they said they were at Walgreens.  We went at that time and they didn't have them and I forgot about them.  Then at the big box store, I saw they had a display of them.  I could've sworn Gingerbread was the flavor I was looking for (it wasn't, they don't make it) but this would've been a close second.

I do like Boom Chicka Pop because they're a little more healthy, non-GMO and all that jazz.  Here's a peek at the nutritional info.  It's pretty close to our TJ's lite kettle corn bags.

Here's a look at the ingredients.

It's a mix of half and half.  Half regular popcorn and half of these festive sprinkle covered pieces.

So how did it taste?

Hmm.  Well, if you can melt white baking chips over popcorn, that's exactly what this is.  I guess I was expecting a little more flavor.  Maybe the coating with salted popcorn would've brought out a good balance but I wouldn't get it again.  I think the only other seasonal flavor we'd probably try is the White Chocolate & Peppermint since we're suckers for peppermint bark and it should have quite a bit more flavor.

What's your favorite flavor of popcorn?

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  1. I love Chicago mix popcorn from Garrett. That is my absolute favorite of all time. Mmmm, could go for some now actually!

  2. I like buttered popcorn and kettle corn. I also get the odd craving for Smartfood with all it's white cheese powder glory.

  3. We have a little popcorn shop here that makes all sorts of flavors, candy coated, caramel, taco seasoned, ranch etc. Because they have all the flavors, I can't pick a favorite. I do often go for the mixes though, like caramel and cheddar. Never did like kettle corn, but I also do not like salted caramel. But a chocolate covered pretzel? Yes please!

  4. Can you call it popcorn if the first ingredient is sugar? That would have been my first clue there is a problem but I'm not a big fan of sweet popcorn. I do agree with The Mr. that Chicago mix is one of the best. I love cheesy popcorn and mix my own Alton Brown Umami popcorn sprinkle mix. I'm also a sucker for a good BBQ or a mix of hot wing and ranch flavors. I rarely like kettle corn but the guy that was selling it at Magnolia Farms had an awesome product. Fresh is best.

    1. Well, sugar is in the flavor title so it's got that going for it. ;-)

  5. I'm kind of a plain jane and either like just buttered popcorn or caramel corn. Booooring. LOL


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