Monday, November 19, 2018

Ready As We're Gonna Be Weekend Recap

Can I get a weekend from my weekend, please?  No?  Just checkin'.

Friday we got started on cleaning.  There's no doubt, we need to start tearing apart the basement and going through crap we don't need.  I did go through half of the shelves down there 2 weeks ago, but all that really did was better arrange stuff even though I got a box to donate out of it.  The area under the stairs hasn't been touched in over a decade except when we grab the suitcases for trips but otherwise, I couldn't tell you what's there which means I won't miss 80% of it if it were gone.  (There are some things from our childhood that we won't be getting rid of in two bins.)  Sorry, don't know how I got off track there!  We got enough done that I felt like I could breathe a little bit.  We decided we earned our road trip to an antique show (I'm looking for a few boards of red barn wood) and a store I like to go to at the start of the season to stock up on gift bags or stocking stuffers and such.

Well, that was pretty much a bust.  The antique show was not good and a waste of $10.  The store was also a bust not just because it was gross crowded and you could barely move but the quality of the merchandise seems to have tanked the past two years, and I no longer think it's worth an extra trip if we're not going that way for something else.  Sigh.  We did have a nice Italian lunch of meat lasagna, but that put us both in food comas.  One of us took a nap on the way home, and it wasn't the one driving the car.  It was refreshing.  😄

We got home, and he watched some football (thank God the season is almost over) while I got some work done.  Then I wanted to hit Whole Foods because you all saw those snacks they had.  Well, I wanted the maple vanilla whipped cream for my pumpkin pie Thursday and apparently so did the rest of the city because they were out.  So we'll be stalking the store on the daily to see if they get it back in before the holiday.  But we did pick up some Christmas snacks.

I also grabbed some stuff for a salmon recipe I want to try and our favorite 9-grain bread to have with brunch the next morning since I was craving toast.  We swung by the liquor store since one of my ingredients is bourbon and boy could you tell we're not drinkers.  We spent so much time researching online what the difference is between whiskey and real bourbon that one of the employees kept circling us thinking we were stealing or something.  Then I nixed the $20 in cheap booze for $4 in what the Mr referred to as "travel sized bottles" to the cashier.  *street cred revoked*  We came home, he tested all of the indoor Christmas lights and replaced the few that were burned out.  That was the green light to put up the tree which I really had no interest in doing, but I put on my 60's Christmas list, and we got the job done.  We strung the lights, and I was really irritated I couldn't find this ribbon I wanted to use this year for the garland that I thought was at Hobby Lobby.  I hopped online, and it was actually at Joann, so I ordered it for pick up the next day.  That meant we couldn't decorate the tree until that part was done, but  I got the rest of the house about 80%  done.  That was just Saturday.

Sunday, we got the ribbon, had brunch and I had work to get done.  We had to stop and get the final gift for my grandpa's wife for Tuesday.  That meant we got to take a stroll around the historic district which we haven't done in a while.  We got her gift, then gifted ourselves with a treat at the French bakery because we've earned it after walking three miles on uneven sidewalks.  This little lady escorted us 6 blocks back to our car.

She wanted nothing to do with us touching her, but she'd trot ahead, beside or behind us.  When she got behind, I'd look back, and she'd speed up.  I'd wait for her to get safely across the street and on we'd go.  She crossed the street to our car and then was like "oh, fun' over?  Bye guys" and trotted off.
My ankles and legs were throbbing messes Tom and Jerry style.  I'm going to decorate the tree after I type this and pray for a LOT of sleep.  We should be rarin' to go for our Christmas gathering Tuesday, I'll bust my hump Wednesday then hopefully have a lower key Thursday morning and try to enjoy dinner with the family before collapsing into a heap Friday.

My goal this week is to get to bed by 11:30pm since 12:30-12:45am has been my usual with my actual "getting to sleep" time being just after 1am then up at 7am.  I'd like an extra hour and some change please.  I also especially need to work on my water and stress this week since the first was low and the latter was high.

What kind of trouble did y'all get into this weekend?  What's your week looking like?

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  1. Yeah that was definitely our weekend in a nutshell and it went by too fast as usual. We made a big dent in what is needed but still plenty to do. We'll get there! Have a great week everybody!

  2. You really got put through your paces didn't you!! You're almost done with the tree though and I know you will LOVE it when it's done and can sit at night and enjoy the lights while sipping some hot chocolate (and perhaps soaking your feet in a hot foot bath at the same time). Home stretch, girl. Home stretch!

    My weekend was a bit chaotic and that was more of a mental thing. I was really amped up with the hamster wheel trotting along nonstop and I couldn't figure out where the anxiety was coming from. I had things to do (and admittedly wasted an afternoon due to complete fatigue, but still could have eeked out a thing or two) but it was mental gymnastics of stuff I still had to do, plans to make, following through on those plans while not feeling overwhelmed for making the dang plans to begin with! LOL I did laundry, the hubs dusted and vacuumed everywhere, and I have what I need for Thursday's meal. I just need to get through two more days of work, which will be hairy, and then I'm hoping to take that deep breath. I'm going to visit my uncle today for Thanksgiving and am looking forward to that. =o)

  3. What a pretty escort you had.

    We went to the high school play on Saturday night, and then a quick(ish) trip out of town to the nearest big city on Sunday. The boy needed snow pants before Friday and I needed him to try them on rather than order them online and have them not fit. Since we were there anyway, we went to the "fancy" theatre (luxury loungers as opposed to the 50s style theatre in our town) and saw Fantastic Beasts 2.

    The holiday weekend will be busy, but we're going to my folks so at least I don't have to worry about getting my house company ready or cooking. I'll leave that "fun" to my mom this year, it'll be my turn to host for Christmas.

  4. I keep wasting my weekends. Well, not so much wasting as doing things other than finishing the household projects I swore I'd get done before the holidays. I've been reading too many book lately and staying up late doing it. I too have piles of stuff that I haven't touched since we moved 5 years ago, things that aren't worth donating and can't be recycled and I feel guilty about throwing in the trash. I swore I'd tackle it this year but it hasn't happened and time is running out!!!

  5. I hibernated mych of the weekend. Gotta jam the next few nights to be ready for company on Thursday


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