Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hump Day Poll: Fall Bucket List Fail

I had so many plans for Fall this year.  I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch.  Carve Jack o Lanterns.  Enjoy a walk amongst the brilliant leaves on the trees.  Walk on crunchy leaves that had fallen.  Find the ultimate pumpkin and/or apple cider donut.  I'm sure there are other things I'm leaving out.

Instead, we both got colds (at our usual time though- always mid-October.  You'd think we'd hibernate.)  Fall color came late and by that time the winds were firmly in place and it rained for almost 3 solid weeks.  When the rain went away, the leaves had blown off the day before and blown off all of the trails into wherever leaves go when they tumble down the street.  I had so much work to do that I felt like taking any time off to do any of those things would only stress me out later.  So basically, I had no Fall this year.  Some of it my own doing, some of it Mother Nature's.  Next year we have to go to Florida for a friends wedding where it's 90 degrees that time of year (my idea of hell).  I assume if the past 10 years have been any predictor, we'll be hacking through the vows.  I'll have to take some cough syrup so I don't go into a fit when they ask if anyone objects.  😱

How about you?  Is there anything you wanted to do this Fall that you didn't get to do for one reason or another?  What fun things did you accomplish that you wanted to do for Fall?

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  1. Yeah Fall was kind of a letdown, big time. That is why I want the Christmas season to slow down so we can enjoy it!

  2. I wanted to go find a pick your own apples orchard, and then make mulitple batches of applesauce. Where I am it's really too hot for apples so that means a couple hours drive at least and I just never got around to it.

    I'm glad I went to the mountains to see the leaves change in early October at least. It was a little too early, but it was still a worthwhile mini-trip.

  3. I had 3 projects around the house and yard that I absolutely wanted to finish by Tday but kept losing motivation or coming up against weather issues. None are done. But we did get our driveway replaced AND french drain installed around it so we are set for the spring storms. Finally!

  4. I got my pumpkins well before Halloween but somehow I never seemed to find the time to carve them. This year was the first in a very long time where I didn't display a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

    I had wanted to drive the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island this year when the leaves were changing colors, but that didn't happen. Minor hockey and family issues took over, so that by the time we had a chance to get away the leaves were gone. There had been a few heavy wind storms, so the autumn colours didn't last long.

    I also didn't get in a few local hikes like I wanted to once the days cooled off. We made a few attempts, but got rained out each time.

    I have to say this year the only think that I got accomplished that I wanted to this fall was to get my rain gutters cleaned out and the leaves raked in my yard. It was not a great few months for us. Lots of family turmoil.

  5. I had some fall clean up stuff outside I wanted to do but the weather did not cooperate. I didn't realize we would get hit with single digit temps and snow that would stick around as early as we did.

    As for fun stuff, I wish I'd gotten in more time at the apple orchard. I didn't go see the animals or sit outside like I wanted to. I also did not get in the scenic drives I had planned on. Bit of a bummer all around.


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