Thursday, November 29, 2018

Food Review: RX Bar Chocolate Sea Salt

I got this bar as a sample at the store and was holding it back for when I could fit it into our calories.  We've tried other RX Bars that we liked so I trust the brand.  One morning when I was working and knew a full meal wasn't happening for at least an hour or so, I split it in half to give it a try.

Here's a peek at the nutritional info.

I do wish they would package it so you can see the actual size of the bar opposed to the extra 1 1/2" they make you think you're getting.  It kinda puts a burr in my britches before the first bite.

There's 100% unsweetened chocolate in there so it's like biting into one of those bitter baking bars if you find a loose piece in the package like I did.  When the cacao is mixed in with the other stuff, it's much more palatable.  Good chunks of cacao, nuts and plenty of sea salt to hit all of your tastebuds.

But how did it taste?

Given how hungry we were at the time, it was decent and quelled that bit of hunger that was about to tip us to hangry.  If it was a whole bar, it might've held us longer.  We both agreed it wasn't our favorite flavor because the taste was a little on the bland side even with the salt.  I would try other flavors of this brand because of the simple, natural ingredients.  It's Whole 30 approved if you're into that kind of thing or if you plan to be after the holidays.  ;-)  I prefer the maple one we had before so far but this is a good pre or post workout snack (or split it for pre and post).  It's also one of the lower calorie options over other bars.  It's just a matter of finding the right fit for your taste buds.

They have a variety of flavors so I've got some others to blow through when I get the chance. (affiliate link)

What's your favorite natural snack bar?

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  1. I like the approach this company takes but then they go and make the bar look bigger in the packaging and I wish they'd be as up front about that as they are everything else. This is a good way to get some protein in between meals though and it's good to have the ability to know for sure what is in your food for a change.

  2. I like the Pure Protein Blueberry Oatmeal Bars. It's kind of heavy but has 12g protein and 4g sugar, and keeps me full for a good stretch if I can't grab lunch. The hubs eats the chocolate chip kind every day on his way to work and says it keeps him satisfied until he gets his first break a few hours later.


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