Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Iron It Out: Hump Day Poll

I was watching a vlogger the other day who said something about "I'm waiting for my clothes to dry again in the dryer because obviously I'm not going to iron.  No one irons."

Uh, I do.  Always have, always will.

I've tried that dryer hack and it NEVER works for me no matter what I try and by the time I wait around for that thing, I could have my clothes ironed and wrinkle free instead of standing around for 2-5 minutes for "good enough" and still look sloppy.  When you tell people you iron your jeans, they look like you've just told them you're about the birth a three-headed moose.  I'm apparently in a very small minority of people who actually iron their clothes.

How about you?  Do you iron your clothes?  Only work clothes?  Do you own an iron?

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  1. I iron and don't mind it. I don't think the dryer hack works well enough and only on rare occasions do I take something out of a normal drying cycle and find that it is ready to wear.

  2. I do not iron. I bought my first iron years ago specifically to iron a tablecloth for Thanksgiving. My mom on the other hand ironed everything, right down to her underwear. Had the same ironing board from when I was a kid!

  3. People are always making fun of me because I still iron EVERYTHING! I will not wear anything that I can't/don't iron first - jeans, sweatshirts, even hankies! My Dad was in the Navy and it was my job to iron his hankies when I was little. My Mom ironed everything. The only things I don't iron are towels - unless they are decorative ones and have wrinkles. But I do iron my kitchen towels. One of my biggest worries about having CKD is the time will come when I can't iron...and hubby will burn a hole in everything! lol

  4. I don't iron if I can avoid it. I own one but try to buy clothes that don't need it. Hubby's work shirts too. Mom didn't iron often. I wonder if that influences who irons and who doesn't.

  5. I do own an iron and a small ironing board. However, I rarely iron. Usually only dress clothes. I try to buy clothes that do not need it in my opinion, but a shirt with a collar needs to be ironed. My mother always hated ironing and she used to have to iron her nurses uniforms. It was a happy day in our house when she could start wearing scrubs to work and they started being made in fabric that did not wrinkle.

  6. I iron every morning, even though I hang up all my clothes and never dry them. I have tried a few handheld steamers and they suck.


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