Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy November


Seriously, how did that happen?

I got some stuff done during the day but still not quite as much as I wanted to.  Isn't that always the way?  I got the Mr's Christmas gifts wrapped and the last few arrived while he was at work so I was glad I didn't have to do it in stealth mode because on the dining table is much better.  I just have to grab some small stuff for my MIL to open Christmas morning and if my grandpa's wife would give me her dang list, I'd be done.   She wanted our lists a month ago and has been done since then so next year I'm going to tell her she gets ours when we get hers.  I'm ALWAYS done by November first so she's ruined my perfect record and must be punished. 

It was a rainy mess here yesterday so the people who never get trick or treaters REALLY didn't get them.  I don't remember kids being deterred by such things back in the day.  We got in an earlier workout of Power 90 in case any goblins stopped by but dang it handed us our butts because we were still recovering from the previous night's upper body strength session.  By the time it was over, we collapsed on the floor and I did my 30 minutes of rolling, muscle release and stretches.  I've gotta admit, I'm getting really tired of this routine only to have all of the muscles I supposedly released tighten back up an hour later like I didn't do it.  It was nothing some boo-ghetti with turkey eyeballs couldn't make feel better in the moment.

I've got lots of busy work to do today and I need to keep all of the tabs on my laptop closed because I get distracted way too easy.  If I can power through the crappy stuff today, I might be able to breathe a bit.

How many trick or treaters did you get?  What was the cutest or most unique costume you saw?

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  1. We live in a court with only 2 houses so not many showed up. 12 which was a record in 20 years living here. My neighbor noticed kids that came to my house didn't go to his. He's thinking his trump sign was the cause :)

  2. I've seen kids in this neighborhood so I just don't understand why we get none year after year. Even when we did get some we were lucky to get more than 2 or so. I always wanted to be the cool people that gave away the full size candy bars but since we always end up stuck with all the candy we buy we can't justify that because it ends up in our gullets. Halloween as an adult is not fun!

  3. We were very surprised that we got two batches of kids who came to the door. The first was the newer neighbors across the street with some family and/or friends of theirs so the hubs gave them a good amount each. Then about half an hour later a group got dropped off in a car and came to the door and the hubs wasn't too thrilled with them because only a few were dressed, they kept talking to each other the whole time and only one kid said thank you (or trick or treat for that matter). But this is the first year I didn't buy a big array of candy since I figured no one would come, so the kids all got Kit Kats and Glow in the Dark Reeses, which will now be the hub's bedtime snacks. After that it was quiet. The hubs had to go to bed early because of another early start and I was really tired so I never ate dinner and curled up before 9pm, which felt nice. And the weather was actually really nice for a change. Mid 50's so no coats were needed. And now it's November...that's crazy! Two months left of this year. Sheesh.

  4. I took the kid trick or treating. I know this is one of the last years he will be able to go at all, and by next year he might be embarassed to have his mom with him. I left a bowl of candy out for any would-be trick or treaters (which was the holy grail when I was a kid) but came home to almost a full bowl still. I'll have to trickle that candy in to work over the next couple of months, I can't take it all at once.

    I know you like showing the respect of buying from a person's list, but maybe it's time to go rogue today and go get them something so you can keep your November first record intact.

    My son went as the headless horseman. We bought the pieces, but he planned it and put it together. Pretty cool. My favorite costume I saw was a high school kid who put name tags with different names all over his shirt and was an identity thief. I thought it was clever.

  5. I had a total of 10, which was up from my zero from last year. The last knock came before 7:30, which was strange from what I remember as a kid. We used to be out until 9. The first knock came at just after 4:00. I had just gotten home from work and didn't even have my jacket off. Good thing I had gotten the candy out and into the bowl the day before.

    I can't say any of the costumes were unique. The only one I remember was a student from Harry Potter. They were at least all dressed up as something and looked like they had put some effort into it. Apparently there was a kid dressed up as cotton candy and another dressed as a fork in the road, but neither of them came to my door.

  6. Our community postponed trick-or-treat to Friday due to rain. I'm curious to see if that increases the number of kids coming by. Those in nearby communities might see it as a bonus day. I'm ok with that cause I'd like to see more than 5-6 kids in a year. I think a lot of families skip trick-or-treat in favor of the event at the community center the weekend before the holiday. Plus there seem to be more events at schools than when I was a kid so trotting around in the rainy dark loses its appeal. I probably saw more adults dressed up downtown yesterday than I will see kids in costume Friday night.

    As for you record of having presents purchased by Nov 1, I second the suggestion to go rogue. No list means you get what you get. If that means an impersonal basket of scented candles and lotions, so be it. With your crafty touch it would probably be THE BEST basket it could possible be.

  7. Another Layer and EML- I would love nothing more than to go rogue and keep my record but this one is notoriously picky and isn't afraid to let you know it if she doesn't like it. Pssht, 80 year olds. ;-) I'll get her special candy and bake her banana bread like always and hope she gets me something soon. I'd say screw it but we both know she dropped major money on us this year so I feel like I need to get her what she wants. I guess if I HAVE to break my record it's only for one gift but I won't lie, I'm hoping she gets me an idea I can click and be done with by day's end! LOL

    (And EML, thanks for the sweet vote of confidence on the basket!)


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