Friday, November 9, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #45

Sorry I've been so absent this week.  It has been utterly crazy and I'm trying to cram everything in with limited time.  There was literally nothing to report so I didn't feel like basically regurgitating Monday's post two other times the only other exception being one day included a killer migraine that lasted all day.  Jealous?  😏

But enough of my crazy week, let's jump into...

The Tiny Muscle That Can Be a Pain in Your Butt, Back and Knees   (I roll this EVERY day and if you sit all day, you should too!  The Mr always laughs when I say I'm going to roll my piriformis)

Are you on your way to dead butt syndrome? Here’s how to combat it  (Hence the reason the above article is so important!)

Lifting Weights Just Once a Week Can Cut Your Heart Disease Risk in Half  (Score!)

6 Essential Oils That May Help Kick Your Cold Symptoms to the Curb  (I don't know about kicking it to the curb but the eucalyptus and peppermint oils in my diffuser made a big difference in comfort with ours.  (affiliate link))

Mega companies are investing in small, healthy food brands—are your indie faves selling out?  (*waiting with bated breath*  what a weird saying.)

Satisfying Alternatives for When You Can't Say "F**k You"  (I suppose these are okay but they don't list my favorite which all good Southern women know..."bless your heart" with a forced smile.  It is literally the same as saying eff you but classier.)

Bad Posture Isn't Why Your Back Hurts, Says This Physical Therapist  (This is VERY true)

12 things you should never do at the airport this holiday season  (For those of you traveling.)

Wash Your Hands Immediately After Touching These 8 Things at the Airport   (Basically rent a hazmat suit.  We ALWAYS wipe down the seat, seat belt buckle, window blind, armrests and tray table with wipes before we even sit down.  Between that and the air purifiers what used to be a guaranteed way to catch a cold has saved us on long haul trips. (affiliate link))

10 Turkey Myths That Could Ruin Your Thanksgiving (God love my Grandma but she put that bird in at 4:30am every year and it practically disintegrated upon being cut.)

Christkindl Markets: Old-World Charm for a Modern Christmas  (I see a few road trips in our future!)

We're going to get in some early holiday cheer this weekend and we're going shopping too.  (Window shopping, I don't need anything.)

What are you guys up to?

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  1. You deserved the breaks you did take this week cause you worked your tail off every day. Now enjoy your weekend this time because you worked pretty much all last weekend too!

    1. Yes, it's been nothing but work at what feels like 24/7 for a solid week now! I'm SOOO looking forward to a recharge this weekend!

  2. The hubs took a half day today so when I get home from work we will go get our flu shots (was supposed to this two weeks ago and I completely forgot about it). Tomorrow I lead a meeting, then we will grocery shop, and I'll work on laundry. Sunday I'll address my Christmas cards and do some wrapping and box labeling so I can put things in the right shipping containers. And a jaunt with the pooches will be in order. =o)

    Enjoy your weekend of fun and relaxation! Get the Christmas music going and wear some footy pajamas. I just saw adult onesies in my catalog where I get most of my clothes. I'm so considering one just to freak the hubs out. Bhahaha!!

    1. Tonight is our jaunt around 80 grocery stores. Hoping the rain keeps people away. I dare you to get the footy pj's!

  3. I have my own list of alt-swear words when I'm trying to calm myself down. They are satisfying to say but take me out of the angry moment by recalling funnier moments. Some are from my grandma but my two favorites are "Mother Puss Bucket!" and "Fuuuuuuuuuuuudge!"

    I hope you get time to relax and recharge.


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