Tuesday, October 4, 2016

TJ's Fall-a-palooza

When I got Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer declaring all things pumpkin had arrived, it was time to load up.  Let's look a our haul...

They were out of the Mr's usual apple and cinnamon oatmeal so he took the opportunity to try this new flavor.  

I think he said he liked it and invited me to try it as well.  I'll have to see if I wake up with an oatmeal craving this week.

How friggin' adorable is this pasta??

I've got some plans swirlin' in my head for that one for sure but it's kind of decadent so I'll have to leave it for a Saturday meal.

I saw they got in organic blackstrap molasses and the price was really good so I picked some up for the inevitable gingerbread men that will invade in 2 months.

The holy grail of Fall...TJ's spiced cider is the shizz.  The second it comes out, I snatch a few bottles because they store unopened for like almost 2 years!  If you've never had it...get it, it's worth a road trip.

This is a new one for us and we haven't had them but I'm thinking pecan crusted chicken and waffles sounds pretty dang good to me for brunch.

This butternut squash risotto is amazing.  We both love it plus it's a quick side dish!

The Mr got this for his smoothies.  I'll have to sneak a swig.

Not pictured is the Pumpkin Body Butter cream because I've already started hoarding it...3 of them.

What pumpkin/Fall products are you loving this season?

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  1. TJ's knows how to do the pumpkin flavors for the most part. The one thing that comes to mind in which they did not have a winner was when we tried those pumpkin spice chocolate sea salt caramels - not a good combo of flavors.

  2. I like pretty much all things pumpkin and apple. I'll be doing applesauce in the crockpot pretty soon. We like it well enough and eat it, but mostly I make it because the house smells so pretty. You can light all the candles you want, nothing is the same as the smell of actual cooking.

  3. Drink up that blackstrap molasses for your joints momma and they will feel good. =o) I LOVE that pumpkin pasta -- too flipping cute! I have to say something that's new on the market that I'm absolutely loving is JIF's Cinnamon Peanut Butter. Holy macaroons does it taste good! I've only seen it in "smooth" and it's just wonderful. The cinnamon really stands out in it and it's just perfect for this time of year. Yum!!


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