Monday, October 24, 2016

Random pics and facts

Happy Monday, you sassy people you!

Hey, did I mention the cabin we stayed at had a built in abandoned house AND cemetery on site?

Did I mention that growing up on 80's slasher movies means if this had been mentioned at all on the listing, we would not have stayed there given I do a good enough job freaking myself out have actually had to leave cabins before!?  Thankfully, no Criminal Minds kind of shizz went down in the house and all inhabitants of their graves seemed to stay put.

So we're going to clear that image with a puppy.

I apparently had a dorky look on my face when looking at these because I caught the cashier dude looking at me with a smile on his face at the smile on my face.

Christmas glee radiates from the inside out, yo.

Sometimes when you say "I have a mountain of laundry," you mean it.

What did you guys do this weekend or random thought would you like to share?

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  1. Another weekend that flew by, but at least all the laundry, grocery shopping, veggie cutting, etc. is done for another period of time. Next weekend is Halloween weekend. Wow, almost November!

  2. I hope the cabin was in better shape than the house. That's actually kind of cool, gives personality to the property - but yeah, I'd be a little 80s movie slasher creeped out too.

    Cute puppy though.

    My folks were down for the weekend and we all went to the pumpkin patch at corn maze.

  3. OMG I'm with you - if I had known about that house and graveyard, I never would have rented. I don't know how you slept at night! Every single slasher movie is running through my mind. And did it rain while you were there? Double no-no. It was a cool and rainy weekend here in Boston, with yesterday being the nicer of the two days. Very fall-like, which I love!

  4. That puppy is so stinking cute!! And the Christmas bags...the plaid always makes me smile. I still have to upload my random pics, which are pics of furniture and different rooms at mom's house. LOL Lugged a huge @ss mirror up the stairs from the basement today. I'm hoping the gal at the vintage place will want it because it weighs a ton and I have no need for it.


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