Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tube Talk

Not gonna lie...I've got nothin'!  LOL

So how about we talk the boob tube?

We're pretty well into most tv shows having returned or getting close to it.  It's been long enough for the new shows to be premiered so here's what we recorded and what we thought (so far.)

The Good Place: We were waiting anxiously for this premiere, the teasers totally drew us in.  We loved the first episode until we got to the end and some kind of flying shrimp or something like that happened and it made it clear it was a little more fantastical than initially led to believe.  We do like watching Kristen Bell and Ted Danson in their roles especially but it took a little more getting used to than we thought.  What we thought would be our top show turned into filler unless something picks up.

American Housewife:  We tried two episodes and just couldn't do it.  It has nothing to do with the fact we don't have kids and can't relate because there are plenty of shows that do have kids and try to portray "realness" of the modern parents struggle.  But this one just seemed, I don't even know what.  The way the woman constantly referred to "Fat Pam" and that she didn't want to be the 2nd fattest housewife and blah blah just took waaaaay too much precedence in the first episode.  We said we'd give it a second shot but it just proved that the lead characters brand of constant snark wasn't for us.  Pulled from the DVR.

Bull:  I was never a big NCIS fan though it always seemed to randomly end up on our screen when we watched TV mindlessly.  So I wasn't sure when Michael Weatherly left to do his own show if I'd even care.  I decided to give it a shot and I'm pleasantly surprised by it!  There may be only so far this show can go though because it is about juries and how to get a win so it's like how many seasons do they think they can eek out with that premise?  We'll see and I'll be watching until it no longer entertains.  Thumbs up from me and I think the last show reeled in the Mr.

This Is Us:  I mean come on...are there many people that aren't watching/raving about this show?  The Mr included!  He will actually put down the laptop and glue his eyes to the screen for it.  The way the heavy couple is portrayed in this one is a lot more real than the obnoxious way it's addressed in American Housewife because the girl in this is actually obese and doesn't just look like an average sized woman holding a little in the face and arms griping about her weight.  I was happy to see Justin Hartley from Y&R getting a good role in it too.  He's so much more than soaps gave him to work with much like his "Manny character."  The twists just never stop and it's totally compelling.  Some people call it the new "Parenthood" and I'm sorry but that's almost insulting because Parenthood made me want to ram my head into the wall more than once per show.  This show is just pure magic.  Fans until they pull the plug!

Timeless:  The Mr was SOOO excited about this show and so was I honestly.  Time travelers going back to infamous dates in history to try to stop a mad man in another time machine.  The goal is to not alter history and all that jazz.  Well when history is altered, it just seems like they leave a LOT of loose ends and skirt around issues that just don't fly with our country's sordid past.  One of the time travelers is black and unfortunately almost every scenario would not have been plausible the way they play out.  He is by far the strongest and most likable character on the show.  It just all feels very rushed and kind of a let down in casting because the other two leads aren't very strong, in our opinions.  The show has major potential but something just isn't right.  If it gets renewed, we don't know if it'll be renewed on our DVR for next season.

What new shows are you watching?  Pulled any from the DVR/watch list yet?

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  1. What you point out is true about me. I tend to not put much interest in TV shows unless they are really compelling and This is Us is compelling to me. That is quality television right there. Bull is actually pretty good too but I agree with you in that it might get stale rather quickly so it will be interesting to see if they can keep the topics fresh and engaging for a long time or not. Only show not on your list that I still love watching is Star Wars Rebels. Yes I still love me a good cartoon!

    1. If Bull continues to win every single case, it is going to take a lot of suspense out of the show. He has to lose a few, to keep us watching, doncha think?

  2. Ma and I are watching Bull and This is Us. I checked out of NCIS long ago. I love the story linee of that couple, it's like they are real people!
    Have a great day!

  3. I didn't reset my dvr for any new shows this season. I wanted to check out a couple, but I just didn't and suddenly we were like 4 episodes in and it was too late. I think I'll probably catch up on This is Us during the hiatus when they show reruns, but I'm not sure I'm all that interested in the other ones I thought I'd check out.

  4. I agree with your American Housewife review. I was a big fan of Katie Mixon from her Mike and Molly role, and had noticed she seemed to put on some weight during the run of the show. For some reason that made me like her more. I sort of liked the first episode, although I took offense at the constant "Fat Pam" references (my name is Pam!), but the second episode really turned me off, and the third was no better.

    I am totally into THIS IS US! Holy Cow! What an amazing show. The writing! Did you hear the "Manny" guy explaining life and death to his little nieces last night? WOW! My husband and I were both transfixed and are completely, completely INTO this show. I hope it lasts forever. I was pretty sure about the triplet's dad, from an earlier episode when Mandy Moore was on in the present as the grandmother. Another show we are into is "Designated Survivor." Pretty exciting premise.

  5. I've been recording most shows the past couple of weeks because of baseball, but have seen The Good Place, and I'm kind of disappointed with it. Kind of cute, but it feels a little all over the place to me. I probably need to watch a few more episodes before I make a ruling. I don't watch This Is Us (too hard for me) but I've heard great things about it. Oh, one show I have caught that I like is Kevin Can Wait with Kevin James. That one gives me a few laughs and I like the supporting characters that are his friends (and one real brother).

  6. I love This is Us, great show, The Good Place, really strange, can't seeing it make it. Haven't seen the other shows you listed.

  7. I can't get into sitcoms, so I haven't tried The Good Place or American Housewife. I normally don't watch ANY new shows, I just wait until they are streamable or hit DVD, then watch the entire series. I decided to try some this fall though. I have liked Bull but ... WHO exactly is paying for all this? And I mean, the mock jury? They can really find people that similar (same age, ethnicity, hobbies, employment) and then get them to abandon their lives to attend a trial (without the actual excuse of jury duty?). I know, suspension of disbelief.

  8. I started watching Limitless on your recommendation last year and really liked it! I was so sad that it wasn't renewed!
    The new shows I like are Divorce with SJP and the one on after--Insecure. If you just check out the first episode it will give you a good laugh. I've been recording the Good Place and watched part of the first episode and I just couldn't get into it. Also Notorius--keep falling asleep. Maybe will try them when everything is on reruns.
    Kevin Can Wait is okay, I am hoping American Housewife will get better.
    I wanted to see This Is Us from the previews and I am really liking it for so many reasons. Definitely wondering how this show can play out in the long run--thinking maybe they will explore different ages of the kids in the future, instead of just infant and 8 years old?


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