Friday, October 7, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #40

Happy Friday all!

Holy crap did this week fly by and that just never happens!  We've got some stuff to take care of today and then I'm looking forward to hopefully a relaxing weekend!  Let's jump right into...

Don't expect Fitbits to improve health, help drop pounds  (Interesting info)

A Fast, Full-Body Outdoor Stair Workout  (Might be fun to do in the cooler weather)

Penn State's Kicker Opened Up About His Eating Disorder—and It's a Big Deal  (Good on ya, nugget!)

The 5 Worst Fast Food Chains for Antibiotics Use & the 5 Best   (Some of these are really surprising!)

Woman Fat-Shamed Me on the Subway, and I Actually Fought Back  (I probably would've said the same thing!  LOL  I get where the skinny girl was coming from pointing out maybe she had no ill will however unless you've been fat, you have no idea what it's like to be in that situation.  Any thin person could've held the same box and 90% chance of having nothing said to them)

The terrorist inside my husband's brain  (Robin Williams wife pens an amazing essay of what Robin was actually going through to bring awareness to the symptoms of Lewy Body Disease.)

Your 6 Favorite Junk Foods Just Got Healthier  (So does this mean the McNugget is no longer pink slime?)

Subway Manager Reveals the Sandwich You Should Never Order  (Um...eww.)

[Infographic] How Each Generation Views Employee Benefits  (Interesting to see how it changes with each generation)

Norma Jean Bauerschmidt didn't let a dire diagnosis stop her from living her life.  (I have followed her since her story first went viral and cried the day she died.  What an amazing life lived in the time she had left.  Go to the Driving Miss Norma facebook page and get inspired.)

Millions of People Are Already Done With Their Christmas Shopping  (Three gifts to go (two that I can't get until December) and I'm done!  BOOM!)

The Mrs. Doubtfire House Is on the Market  (While I admit having a tour bus point to your house every 30 minutes and people on your front stoop would be annoying (I at least stood on the sidewalk but saw people actually on the porch!), it would still be cool to be in that kitchen with a package of grass fed beef and say "oh as I stand heer holding this cold meat, I'm reminded of Winston."  Totally worth 4.4mil to do that!)

Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies  (Video starts on landing.  Very close to the ChocoRolo cookies I did on 12 Days of Treats several years ago.  SO good!)

Curious deer wanders in yard, begs to be blasted by leaf blower  (OMG, so cute!)

Watch as The Rock watches his first ever WWE match  (He is SOO funny!)

Well Aunt Flo is in town for another few days so I'll probably try to quiet her with a little medicinal chocolate.  72% cocoa has flavanoids which equals medicine.  Fact.  Once I kick dat wench to the curb, maybe a little road trippin' will be in our future.

What are you guys into this weekend?

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  1. That Rock link is hilarious but I also remember watching that with you back in the day too, so that's cool. Happy Friday everyone!

  2. Love your reading materials! First, Miss Norma Jean has all my love and respect. I've been following her story too. She was just an awesome woman. Second, I never should have read the Subway article. No more chicken for me. I loved the Rock video too. Lastly, the body-shaming article - it touched a nerve with me because I've been overweight most of my life too and it's just not as simple as "stop eating and exercise and you'll be "normal" too." I've always got my guard up in public because there are just too many rude people out there. In the old days, I would have just been ashamed and kept my mouth shut. But with age comes wisdom and confidence and now....well now if anyone were to say anything to me, they would get a response. Not all crazy, but a stern response about you worry about yourself and I'll keep taking care of myself. These two paragraphs from that article really struck true to me:
    It doesn't matter what weight I am. It doesn't matter what weight you are. What matters is how we treat each other. If I was eating with a skinny friend and she opted not to have dessert I would never tell her that she needs to put some meat on her bones. It goes both ways. Her body is her business. My body is mine.

    Let's remove shame from the equation if we can. I'm not saying we should all start cursing a blue streak at people who body shame us, but maybe let's use some of that righteous indignation for good. Let's stop apologizing for our bodies and start defending them.

    Have a great weekend!!! We've got birthday, apple-picking, hockey and football plans. I love the fall!!

  3. Loved both articles about the football player and the fat-shamed writer on the subway. What courage for both of them to share their stories!

    Going to mom's today, have a meeting tomorrow, and then I don't really know. My weekends are a bit up in the air these days, but hopefully it'll be calm and quiet with a CUBBIES win tonight, and excellent football. Such low expectations....snort!


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