Friday, June 24, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #25

Friday already huh?  The week seemed to zip by but I'm not complaining!  :-)

Let's get right to...

6 Ways to Break Out of A Fitness Rut  (Word)

7 Tricks to Make Portion Control Easy  (Good tips)

Here's the Easiest Way to Undo the Harms of Sitting All Day  (Get up, stand up!)

How Fixing Your Feet Can Improve Your Workout  (Trust me on this one!)

20 Fitness Hacks That Will Change Your Life  (I don't know about change your life but good info)

The Benefits of Adding 10 Minutes to Your Workouts  (This is so right, especially the stretching which we're not always good at)

10 Fitness Fibs You Tell Yourself  (Are you guilty?)

What the Media Always Gets Wrong About Weight Loss  (If you read the other two depressing articles it's referring to, make sure you skip to the paragraph that says "Why You Need to Know the Whole Truth"  I think anyone who goes on something as extreme as some uber weight loss show method with that kind of exercise (8-9 hours per day which is obviously not sustainable) and then thrown back into their old environment is likely to gain weight back.  I think it's true to a lesser degree for the rest of us going the slower route.  My 2 cents but still the numbers sucked to see in the first study )

Researchers discover ‘holy grail’ of breast cancer prevention  (Good to know especially if you're BRCA positive)

5 Tricks That Will Forever Change the Way You Pack a Cooler for Camping  (For those about to pack up for some family fun)

25 Things to Look Forward to About Growing Older  ('s own version of Fukitol)

10 Pet Peeves That Drive Pro Organizers Crazy  (I don't care if it drives them crazy but there are some good tips)

You Might Have Free Money Waiting for You on Amazon  (The Mr did!)

Fried Chicken Was Very, Very Different in the 1700s  (Courtesy of the Mr)

I am Jason Mewes AMA  (Surprisingly laid back and polite)

We're going to the farmers market tomorrow.  It's grocery refill weekend I think this particular market is going to be in full swing.  It's not in the pretentious side of the town but the country bumpkin side of town which I much prefer.  Lower prices, nicer people, less hipsters and bigger produce.    Woot!

What are you up to this weekend? 

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  1. You're right that this week zipped by a lot faster than most. Glad it's Friday though and I am looking forward to sleeping in a little tomorrow after having a bad night of sleep last night.

  2. Very good articles! I cracked up in the weight loss one when the author said "special snowflakes" -that'll be getting used by me in the future. LOL

    Nothing too exciting this weekend, just different errands here and there. It's nice out today so I'm taking the dogs for a love drive in the country before it gets too warm. No humidity so it feels pretty good out! Have a super duper weekend! xoxoxo

  3. More great articles! Thank you. We were planning a trip to the farmer's market tomorrow too - now we have to wait for the glass company to come and replace our car window that the parking garage guys blew out on me....and of course they denied it was them. Yay. But at least it's Friday! Have a great weekend!


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