Monday, June 20, 2016

Doobies and rebuilding

Howdy all!  It's Monday again.  Yay.

We were both down 2 lbs.

I got to cook all day Saturday since restaurants around here are just so unimpressive anymore.  Every time we go somewhere I just feel like "ugh, I can make that better."  But then that means I can't ever get a break.  We're even talking about me cooking on upcoming vacations and I don't mind that since I got all of May off but I'm going to try to pre-make most stuff, freeze/Food Save it so I just have to heat it up.  I want the control of calories/sodium but without the work.  I know it'll be a pain in the butt ahead of time when I make the stuff but I have two ovens so I can cook two different things at once and hopefully blow through them since I want to make stuff that can double over two days.  Like I want to make meatloaf that we can have for dinner with say roasted red potatoes and then the next day or two we can have meatloaf sandwiches with mashed potatoes from the leftover potatoes.  I also thought I could make a batch of chili and separate and Food Save those into 4 servings for a lunch and dinner.  I suppose I should put that into practice for prep day, huh?  It'd be nice to just come up after a workout and throw stuff in the oven instead of having to chop or mix stuff.  I need to get better about that and take some pressure off of myself.  Plus it would get me up more during the day.

Saturday I was going stir crazy.  The city was basically shut down with so many activities and being a passenger in that navigation was not going to put me in a better mood.  So I said drive to the country.  I put on a playlist and got the Best of the Doobies  (affiliate link) going.  It always seems to be mandatory listening when heading out to the old stomping grounds.  I kind of wished we'd gone past my old house but I probably would've thrown myself on the lawn and cried.  I'm feeling very suffocated by city and burb living and desperately want a small house on a patch of land and for people to just leave me alone.  I have been in attached living my whole life except when I lived in the country for 2-3 years at various times in my childhood.  I'm glad for it and now I long for it.  I just need someone to mow my lawn because I remember how crappy that was mowing my dad's 3 acres when he moved out to East BuFu.  My mental state is up and down but I guess it's better than being face down in the mud 24/7.

I weighed in Sunday morning and was only up a pound instead of the sodium laden 4 when we eat out which tells me that me cooking on the weekends isn't going to end anytime soon.  I know for sure I could never run a food truck since I can barely cook for two without getting overwhelmed.

Shrimp and cheese grits
Yesterday we did Ultimate Kettlebell Workout by Paul Katami  (affiliate link) with light weight.  I did 10 lbs because I knew with 50 minutes of the regular and ab workout that I could seriously injure myself if I went higher than that.  By the end of the workout, my shoulder was sore so I was glad I didn't push it. Despite my wanting to go higher, I need to be smart right now.  I still got a heck of a cardio workout out of it too.  That's the weird thing about "re-building" is those workouts that were so easy before are now challenging again and it's kind of nice.  After the workout, we had dinner and went to the grocery store.  One of the specialty stores had a $5 off coupon that ended last night and they're the only place that sells big ol' ahi steaks.  They also had honeycrisps on sale for $2.50/lb which is unheard of this time of year.  We're all refueled for the week and ready to kick some ass.

I was happy I still continued to hit my 2 water bottles per day over the weekend.  That is usually a weak spot for me but I did well and I think the Mr did too.

This week is about keeping up good habits and reinforcing them.  I'm still in no hurry to jump back to the HRM since I'm trying not to beast out on the shoulder.  It doesn't stop me from checking my wrist even though it's not there during a workout.

What did you do this weekend?  Do you check your wrist for your HRM/fitness band even when you're not wearing it?

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  1. That was a nice drive through the country. We should do it more often. As for the rebuilding part - yeah I definitely feel that. It is sadly amazing how quickly your body can lose the hard work you've put in. But it can be fun to start over a little and tweak things too so we might as well enoy the process!

  2. A drive out in the country sounds nice!
    We just started summer hours so I got off at noon on Friday. Got the pool up and running on Friday. Saturday Ma and I went to a friend's house for a birthday lunch for her and played dominoes. She loves that game. We also played a new to me strategy game called Sequence which I really liked. Yesterday was spent weeding and then pool time. I love summer!
    Have a great week!

  3. I am all about country living and that's why I try to take the dogs for drive out there every day if the whether isn't too hot for them in the car. I keep finding more roads to go down that take me further away from the human population and I love it.

    Congrats on the 2 lbs down and keeping up with your water over the weekend! That is fantastic and you're getting that habit ingrained in your head again.

    A friend of mine does what you're doing with cooking ahead of time and freezing the stuff. She had her dad coming into town and took one weekend and cooked all their meals for his week stay and just had to plop them in the oven from the freezer. What I need to get better about is doing all my chopping and perhaps freezing the vegetables so that I always have prepared ones one time. I'm good about chopping the day before but it would be even better to have them just waiting in the freezer for me. And I agree with you about restaurants...meh. Nothing is inspiring me these days -- which I guess is good because it saves money. lol

    This was a good weekend with a meeting, a fun graduation party (I've never been around a group of teenagers who were SO polite and gracious. It was really quite remarkable to see how great these kids were), and a relaxing day yesterday. We took the two lawn mowers and got the lawn cut in 37 minutes -- and did it in the morning before it hit 90 degrees and that helped. By 11:15 we were done and that was it for chores so I was happy. I'm taking the dogs in a few minutes for that country drive because it's supposed to get mighty toasty this afternoon. They got to play in the kiddie pool yesterday in the backyard and had a blast. Today they'll get some Frosty Paws for their ice cream treat. =o)

  4. I went to a bachelorette party for a friend on Saturday night. Otherwise not a lot happened this weekend.

    I don't have an HRM, but my step tracker ANT stick was broken and it drove me crazy not being able to sync and see history. I finally got a new one so I'm much happier.

    The last few months have been an exercise (or lack therof) in futility. I was doing really well, and then the end of the school year hit and I was so busy that diet/exercise took a backseat. It's been really hard getting back on track, but this morning I weighed in and measured and it was ugly. No more excuses.

  5. The shrimp and cheese grits look great. I don't see a recipe for it on your recipe page. Any hints? Every time I've made grits, I don't like them. I had a bite of hub's grits one time at Red Lobster and loved them however, so I must be doing something wrong?

    We badly need to downsize and move off our acreage (3 acres like your Dad), but it's so very difficult. We have so much stuff and I really struggle with getting rid of any of it. At this point in time, hubs loves it out here and likes "surveying his "estate," and told me the other day, he actually enjoys mowing (on the lawn tractor of course). So for now, here we sit. And sometimes when I walk outside in the morning and take in the beautiful (flat old Nebraska...but still beautiful to me) scenery, I think, "I love it out here too." Living on top of somebody else in town will be very difficult, but I'm afraid it's in our not so distant future, unfortunately.

  6. I think there can be a happy medium between living in the 'burbs and completely out in the country. It is just the effort of finding the right house for you. I live in a small village, at the end of a cul-de-sac, and my house sits on 1/3 of an acre, and not all of that has been landscaped to grass. There are fully developed trees on all sides of my lot, and even though I am in a village, it very much feels like an oasis. It took me a long time to find the house that felt just right. I had looked at houses on much bigger lots and on smaller lots. This one felt just right and had the level of privacy that I was looking for. The only drawback is that it takes me anywhere from 35 minutes to over an hour to commute into work each day. On the upside, because my commute is so long I have to really think about going into work outside regular hours. And if you go too far from civilization high quality high speed internet access can be hard to come by. So a small town might be your happy medium.

    The weather here was absolutely beautiful and it was the first weekend where you could believe that summer could actually be coming up. We spent the weekend at a cabin on an island that is only accessible by boat. There was no power and the only running water was from a hand pump. Even though town was only a 10 minute boat ride away and the mainland could be seen at all times it really felt as if we had gotten away from it all. I think I only checked my phone for messages once per day.


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